Perfect Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

Wayanad, a beautiful place located on the interstate border of Karnataka and Kerala is a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore for anyone who loves nature. This will be a great travel experience for road lovers because of the smooth roads and the exquisite landscape. 

Traveling to Wayanad which is situated around 264km away from Bangalore is a perfect hide-out from the city buzz. For a Bangalore to Wayanad trip, it is always better to rent a car or self-drive since it takes only about 7 hours to reach there. The route to Wayanad which covers beautiful places in Karnataka and Kerala borders is also worth a look.

These are some of the places you will spot on the way to Wayanad from Bangalore. 

Approximately 50 km away from Bangalore is Ramanagara, which is now called as Ramagiri hills, where the famous Bollywood movie Sholay was shot in 1975, which is why this place has got a nickname “Sholay Hills”. One who is a true Sholay fan can recollect the memories of Sholay stopping here.

Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

Stopping at Channapatna, a small town at a distance of about 60 km from Bangalore will give nostalgic childhood memories to someone who had their childhood in Bangalore because it was from this place the wooden toys you used to play in your childhood came from. For someone who is not aware of the wooden toys of Channapatna, it will be quite interesting to take a brief look at the wooden toys, and if you have enough time, visit the factories where you can watch how they are made. You can buy one or two toys as the remembrance of your childhood.

Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

Srirangapatna, located about 126km away from Bangalore is a place that is famous for its religious, historical and cultural importance. It takes at least half a day if you want to visit all the important places here, like Ranganathaswamy Temple, Death place of Tipu Sultan, Bird Sanctuary, etc.

You can witness one of the best parts of the route while passing through the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It is the part of both Bandipur Tiger Reserve – Karnataka and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Kerala. Surrounded by lush green dense forests on both sides, you will be greeted by the most charming creatures, the deers, looking at you with their enchanting eyes. An elephant or two may surprise you on the way, which will be one of the adventurous and thrilling experiences of the trip.

Reaching Wayanad, you can witness a land that has a rare concoction of history, culture, and heritage with the untouched beauty of nature. The winding roads which lead to the mountains and the dense forests which follow along will amaze you with the blend of bliss and tranquility that you receive just from the moment you reach your destination. Staying at the best resorts in Wayanad can give you the best holiday experience.

Some of the best places in Wayanad like Edakkal Caves, Karapuzha Dam, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanthanpara Waterfalls, etc are located near Raindrops Resort, which is highly recommended for a peaceful and heritage holiday experience.

So, Bangaloreans, pack your bags and get ready for an excellent road trip to Wayanad. It will be a perfect break out from all the worldly pressures. Come and experience the best weekend getaway from Bangalore!

A Walk Through The Lush Green Farms of Wayanad

As one of the youngest districts in Kerala, what makes Wayanad unique is its natural heritage, which is one of the most diverse and ecologically rich. The place is well known for its unique geographic position and for having the perfect soil composition for the cultivation of bountiful crops like coffee, pepper, paddy, coconut, etc. Staying at Raindrops Resort will give you a beautiful encounter with the experience of being a part of farming and harvesting.

The fresh aroma of the coffee when one enters the plantation invites them to have a walk around the farm. Get a little practice in picking the right seeds with the native laborers. Being one of the most cultivated crops in Wayanad, coffee plantations can be seen everywhere here. It covers one-third of the total cropped areas in the district. Most of the resorts in Wayanad hand you over an opportunity to have a walk through the coffee plantations and to learn more about the ecological diversity in Wayanad.

Coffee Plantation in Wayanad

Wayanad is also a home for black pepper, which is also known as the black gold – the mysterious dried berries which drew Europeans to India! It may seem that it is a lush green thick forest in the first look from a distance, since the pepper plantations are tightly packed for miles around the hills.

Pepper Plantation in Wayanad

There is no wonder in the fact that Wayanad was once the bowl of thousands of rice varieties. Cheruvayal Raman, who is from wayanad also known as the ‘guardian of native paddy’ has preserved over 50 indigenous varieties of paddy. Being perfect for the paddy cultivation here, the valleys of Wayanad still holds the possession of many rice varieties. Some people here, especially the tribal families who own the farmlands considers farming and harvesting as a festival and not as a business. Being a part of the farming and harvesting days here is truly worth an experience. 

One will be fascinated by the diverse farming options that can be carried out in this land because we can also find pepper, ginger, cardamom, and rubber plantations, along with the major products like papaya, areca nut, and other vegetables and fruit trees like jackfruit and mango. The landscape which is filled with mountains, valleys, forests and the soothing climate here together have created a perfect ecosystem for almost all kinds of farming. 

River Rafting in Wayanad

river rafting in Wayanad

When it comes to finding a destination that offers a perfect mix of adventures and natural beauty, Wayanad is one of the best choices. Offering a delightful assortment of enthralling adventurous activities and an exciting range of tourist attractions, Wayanad always exceeds your expectations. There are many adventures to explore and enjoy here, such as hiking, bike riding, mountain climbing, camping, trekking and river rafting.

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Top 6 Waterfalls in Wayanad

Waterfalls in Wayanad

The Western Ghats is home to some of the most wonderful tourist attractions that are loaded with breathtaking beauty and scintillating scenery. Among all the hill stations in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is the best tourist attraction. From scenic vistas to lush green forests; from valleys laden with green carpets of grass to fragrant flowers; and from mighty waterfalls crashing down on the rocks to mountain streams flowing through the forests – the list of nature’s blessings at Wayanad is impressive!

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Best Bird watching Locations in Wayanad

There are many Bird watching Locations in Wayanad. Some of them are listed below. Wayanad, which is also known as the ‘green paradise’ lies in between the mountains of the Western Ghats. It is called the ‘green paradise’ because it forms the border of the greener portion of Kerala. It lies at a distance of 76 km from Kozhikode.

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A detailed Travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip

Mysore is also called Mysuru and has always been a prominent place. From the sandalwood works to natural and manmade wonders – the site is an excellent tourist destination. It used to be the seat of Wodeyar Rulers. This post outlines a detailed Travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip; how to reach Wayanad from Mysore and tourist attractions in Wayanad.
So, readers, gear up for an exciting read and pack your bags after gaining lots of intel!

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How to reach Wayanad from Chennai – A Complete Travel Guide

Wayanad Road

Planning a trip to Wayanad from Chennai? How to reach Wayanad from Chennai? Well, before we answer all the queries looming inside your minds, let us tell you some things. First, you have made an excellent choice. Second, you are in for fantastic surprises. Wayanad is a fantastic tourist destination that is loaded with natural beauty and charm. There are mystical green forests housing roaring beasts and chirping birds. There are sprawling green plantations that are fragrant and inviting. Wayanad is home to some of the most exquisite waterfalls of the region.

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Tourist places in Wayanad with pictures

Selecting a place for spending a vacation is a time-taking task. There are too many options and too less time to decide. India has a number of options when it comes to taking a trip. Be it the snow clad ranges of Jammu and Kashmir to the palaces of Rajasthan, India is beautiful. You will never be disappointed by any place you visit.

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Jungle safari through wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad

Enjoyment has a different definition for everyone. Visiting family, road trips or just relaxing at home, people view enjoyment variedly. But in this era, everyone prefers going to a new place to soak in the new culture and breathe in fresh air. It is so because life has turned monotonous and people need breaks every once in a while.

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