Wayanad is a scenic hill station located amongst the mountains of the Western Ghats on the eastern side of North Kerala. It is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Kerala owing to the tranquility of its mesmerizing hills, the beauty of its dense forests, wildlife sanctuaries, picturesque lakes, splendid waterfalls, and green estates. 

No matter when you are planning to visit this heavenly destination, you are in for a treat. Wayanad is amazing in all seasons – be it summers, winters, or rainy season. 

Summers in Wayanad

  • Summers usually extend from the months of March to May with temperature ranging between 25°C and 35°C.
  • Afternoons being the hottest, are ideal for visiting the tea, rubber, coffee plantations, the evergreen forests surrounding the hills or for just lying in the pool or the beaches.
  • Sightseeing can be done comfortably in the mornings and evenings when the breezy winds are flowing.

Winters in Wayanad

  • October to February are the winter months in Wayanad wherein you can explore the hills in the chilly yet comfortable climate.
  • Winters are ideal for enjoying the captivating beauty of Wayanad in the pleasant temperature that usually fluctuates between 22°C and 30°C.

Monsoons in Wayanad

  • One can witness the enchanting beauty of the lush greenery, the backwaters, lagoons, and canals at its best in the rainy season between the months of June and September.
  • With moderate temperature varying between 24°C and 32°C, the charm of scenic locations in this exotic destination is enhanced even more with the regular downpour.

There are some necessities you must pack for a trip to Wayanad in order to have a comfortable, hassle-free experience. Even though the weather would greatly affect these necessities, there are some must-haves that you can’t live without!

Let’s take a peek!

Essentials for the monsoons:

  • In the rainy season, some waterproof pants and windbreakers are a must. 
  • You might think that just an umbrella is enough, but when you are in Wayanad, you may need both raincoats and umbrellas in the monsoons. Each traveler shall require one personal raincoat for each person who is traveling, including the kids. If possible, carry a windproof umbrella, as it would be as windy as you can imagine! 
  • A waterproof phone bag would come in handy when you go for trekking or have to step out in the rain. In fact, let this bag be a little big so that your other gadgets, like power banks, chargers, and pen drives, can also be saved from the rain. Losing your phone to the rain is the last thing that you would want!
  • Bug Repellant: Mosquitoes and various insects are at their best in the rainy season. Not to mention the diseases they spread. While the resorts you stay in must be clean and devoid of them but when you go outside, you might want to keep bug repellent handy.
  • Good quality shoes with anti-slippery soles will help you enjoy your trek as those trails can be slippery. For the times when you are not trekking, rain boots are ideal. 

Essentials for the summer season:

  • Light cotton or linen clothes would be suitable for the hot weather.
  • Sunglasses and a hat to enjoy the beauty of Wayanad in style.
  • Flip flops or open shoes are suitable for sightseeing purposes as the weather is mostly hot and humid. You might need your running shoes for trekking.
  • A sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ will keep your skin safe from sunburn.
  • Also carry chapstick to keep your lips moisturized and a deodorant because you might sweat a lot in the hot weather. 

Essentials for the winter season:

  • It can get quite chilly in Wayanad, especially in the early morning and late evening, so it would be a wise decision to carry your jackets, sweaters, mufflers, scarves, etc. If you are extremely sensitive to cold, then pack your gloves as well. 

Here are certain extra packing tips:

  • Travel light as much as you can.
  • Do not carry the toiletries that you can buy after reaching your destination. Most resorts offer such things including shampoo, oil, moisturizer, etc. 
  • Avoid packing too many clothes and learn to mix and match your clothes. Remember, the less the luggage, less the hassle.
  • Things like towels and hair dryers are available at the resorts so do not carry them.

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