Raindrops resorts in Wayanad in the Western Ghats attract tourists all throughout the year the world over. It is relaxing to breathe in the fresh air loaded with the smell of spices as your eyes feast on the spectacular plantation view from the balcony of the rustic cottages in the best resort in Wayanad.

Raindrops Resorts is one of the luxury resorts in Wayanad. You can easily find the resort, for it is just 6kms from NH 766 in a well-trodden locality with Sultan Bathery, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Edakkal Caves.

Continue reading to know why Raindrops Resort is the best resort in Wayanad. 

A Nature Lovers Delight

The makers of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad are nature lovers. They have gone out of their way to preserve nature in what used to be a plantation by building the resort without clearing trees, vines, or bushes. Every nook and corner of the resort celebrates nature. The leaves from the trees around leave their mark on the path, and it is a delight to walk on them as you get to your cottage.

A Cottage to Suit Every Budget

Raindrops Resort presents holidayers with luxurious accommodations at modest prices and can choose from Exotic or Elegant luxury cottages. 

Exotic Luxury Cottage

The cottages at Raindrops Resorts are spacious, with a wooden separator wall between the living room and bedroom. The living space has a traditional ambiance with cane furniture to relax, a reading table with a lamp that illuminates golden light, and a comfortable chair to sit on. 

The spacious balcony offers enough sitting area for two where you can spend your evening gazing at the breathtaking green carpet created by the new paddy harvest in the fields.

Elegant Luxury Cottage

The elegant luxury cottage is a beautiful space for those looking for cozy rooms to spend with family and friends. Raindrop resorts offer premium and deluxe facilities in 40 square meters that easily accommodate 3 people. The cottage has tile roofs and large windows and welcomes you with a much lower temperature when you walk indoors after spending time enjoying the outdoors.

Honeymoon Becomes A Dream at Raindrop Resort

Raindrops Resort offers an excellent package to newlyweds. The package includes complimentary breakfast and dinner. Make beautiful memories of your first few days together with the exceptional honeymoon service from the best resort in Wayanad. The package includes amenities like bathing in a bathtub with rose petals and beautifully scented candles, a candlelight dinner every night and feeling special with fresh flower arrangements in your room.

Raindrops Resort also provides the best holiday packages at affordable prices to families and corporates. Get adventurous and book the Wayanad Escape package at the Resort to create a memory that will make you proud.

What’s More, At Raindrops Resort, Wayanad’s Best Resort 

Raindrop Resorts has an Ayurvedic Spa where you can get treated to a back massage and other great treatments with fresh herbs from the valley. Enter the multicuisine restaurant to the wafting flavors of traditional Keralite food. The food is so delicious that you will not regret choosing Kerala cuisine despite the varieties available. 

You can start your day with a refreshing swim in the pool and spend the day cycling or trekking around the beautiful hill station. Spend your evening gazing at the stars as the campfire warms up the serene space. You can have the best holiday in one of the luxurious resorts in Wayanad that provides indoor and outdoor sports that you and your family can make the most of. You can also get adventurous and go on a Jungle safari to the Muthanga forest by requesting the resort to organize it for you.


If you have had enough of the hectic city life and can’t wait for a getaway that celebrates nature, Raindrops Resort is the best resort in Wayanad. The four compact rustic cottages are set in the wilderness and offer occupancy for 4. 

It has bedrooms and a living room, all modern amenities like a coffee or tea maker, 24 hours hot water shower, and bathtubs that you can spend your evening soaking in hot water after a long day trekking in picturesque Wayanad. Before you leave Raindrops Resorts, remember to get rejuvenated at the Ayurvedic spa. Come find a home away from home at one of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad.