Mysore is also called Mysuru and has always been a prominent place. From the sandalwood works to natural and manmade wonders – the site is an excellent tourist destination. It used to be the seat of Wodeyar Rulers. This post outlines a detailed Travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip; how to reach Wayanad from Mysore and tourist attractions in Wayanad.
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Mysore – What and Where:

Mysore is teeming with opulent architecture and beautiful examples of Indian craftsmanship. There are palaces, royal households, gardens, hills, temples and lakes. The best places to visit in Mysore are as follows:

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is undoubtedly the most prominent attraction of Mysore. The palace used to be the residence of the Wodeyar family that ruled over Mysore for more than 7 centuries. The doorways, pavilions, halls, rooms and shrines are the significant points of attraction in the palace. There are gardens around Mysore Palace.

Jagmohan Palace

Earlier, it was constructed as a residence for the royal family of Mysore. However, now it has been converted into an art gallery. It displays some of the most amazing works from the Indian Artists.

Lalitha Mahal

This was built to house the Royal Guests. Lalitha Mahal is located in Chamundi Hills and is famous for its grandeur. The floors are lined by the Persian Carpets, and the halls are lit by the Belgian Crystal Chandeliers. The place is now a Heritage Hotel, and you can enjoy a stay here to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Chamundi Hills.

St. Philomena Church

This is also a famous tourist attraction of Mysore that offers a look into the Christian Architecture of the region. This is one of the largest cathedrals in Asia. Another attraction is the catacombs located under the church. It has a cross-shaped floor plan.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple is situated in Chamundi Hills, which are the seat of nature and adventure tourism of Mysore. Apart from offering a subtle mental peace, the site is oozing with architectural magnificence. However, it is not easy to reach the temple. You have to climb 1000 steps for the same. Shri Nandi Temple is located half-way and is equally revered.

Gardens and Bird watching

Mysore is famous for its gardens. Brindavan Gardens and Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens are some of the most recognized names. The flowers, greenery, animals and birds – there are plenty of living organisms here. The Zoological Garden has some foreign animals as well. So, these are the must-visit places with family and kids. Shuka Van is also home to thousands of birds and is a haven for the avid bird watchers. There is a Bonsai Garden where you can enjoy the exotic flora and spend some time amidst the greenery.

Activities for Kids and Adults

Planet X and GRS Fantasy Park are the two mandatory stops for families with kids. You can enjoy lots of fun rides and water rides in the GRS Fantasy Park. Planet X is famous for adventurous activities such as Go Karting, Billiards and Snooker etc.

Trinesvaraswamy Temple and Chunchanakatte Falls

The Chunchanakatte Falls are mighty falls over River Kaveri and are one of the most amazing sights. The waterfalls down in torrents and produces massive sounds. Trinesvaraswamy Temple is yet another fantastic place to witness the beauty of religious art and architecture in Mysore.

The other places of interest are:

  • Folklore Museum
  • Rail Museum
  • Melody World Wax Museum

Having grasped the intel about the best tourist attractions of Mysore, let us move ahead.

How to reach Wayanad from Mysore

You can reach Wayanad via the following means:

  • Buses are readily available to all the major tourist destinations of Wayanad. You will reach within 1.30 hours to 2 hours at the maximum. You can also travel via your own vehicle and stick to the NH212.
  • Another adventurous route is via the Bandipur Forest Sanctuary. However, you have to follow the time regulations for this route. There are three routes:
    • Mysore-Nagarhole-Wayanad
    • Mysore-Bandipur-Wayanad
    • Mysore-Hunsur-Kartikulam-Wayanad

All these routes have time restrictions to avoid accidents with wild animals. Many vehicles travel at fast speed and injure wild animals. The road via Nagarhole is the shortest one.

Finally, let us find the best places to visit in Wayanad.

Waterfalls and Forests

There are three waterfalls here – Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls and Kanthapara Waterfalls. All of them are reachable via trekking or hiking routes. You can also enjoy mountain climbing and camping in the surrounding areas. All these waterfalls are located in the thick forests. The forests are teeming with the wildlife and exotic fauna of the region.

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves date back to the Neolithic Age and bear the markings and drawings dating back to that time. The pictures and marking have not yet been deciphered. You can reach the caves after hiking. Nature all around is plentiful and surreal. 

Chembra Peak

This is the highest peak in the Western Ghats (Wayanad). There is a heart-shaped lake on the top and various viewpoints to witness the mighty waterfalls. You can enjoy an adventurous outing here with your friends and family.

Kuruva Islands

You can observe the evergreen mangrove forests here which are reachable via rafts only. The islands are pristine and house lots of bird species.

Tholpetty and Muthanga

These are the best places that offer ideal windows into the wildlife of Wayanad. Wild Boars, birds, trees, tigers and elephants – a safari is a must-do thing here!

Phantom Rock

Another gem of a place is the Phantom Rock, which is a naturally-shaped rock. The rock is shaped like a human skull and is a fantastic place to visit. If you are not able to hike or trek in the region, you can enjoy a peaceful outing and picnic with your family at the foothills. Nature becomes mystical and breathtakingly beautiful here. 

Pookode Lake

It is the freshwater lake in Wayanad, Pookode Lake lays 15 kilometres away from Kalpetta. Nestled between evergreen forest and the Western Ghats, the lake is spread over 13 acres. This is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Wayanad. You can enjoy boating here.

This completes our list for a detailed travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip So, now, you have all the required information. Plan a fantastic trip and make it memorable with a stay at Raindrops Resorts.

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