Vacationing in the mountains can help people de-stress and return to work with a clear head, increasing their quality of life and decreasing their stress levels. Wayanad is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala, India, that can give you a breath of fresh air and help you detox.

For pet owners, leaving their pets behind when they go on vacation is often not an option as their pets feel sad and lonely without them. However, there are now pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad that allow pet owners to enjoy their vacation, go on treks, and relax with their pets. It’s time to re-think the idea of leaving your pets behind!

Continue reading to know the benefits of pet-friendly resorts and learn how they are gaining popularity and ranking in more moolah than the others.

Benefits of Staying in a Pet-Friendly Resort in Wayanad

Pet-friendly resorts are generally cleaner than the others. That is because animals’ presence causes a stench, requiring continuous cleaning. They also provide their customers with pet food, bowls, toys, and open spaces for animals to run. The pet owner can thus travel light and need not coop the pet up in the room. Thus, they make the most of their stay in Wayanad.

Here are reasons why a pet-friendly resort is necessary for your next Wayanad holiday.

Pet-Friendly Resorts in Wayanad are Easy to Find

The number of people who travel with their pets is increasing. And with that, more hotels and resorts have become pet friendly. Thus it is easy to find one that will accommodate the pet owner and their pet.

Pet-Friendly Resorts offer Specialised Services.

Pets are sensitive, and their environment and food changes can distress them. Pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad provide in-house or third-party veterinary and other services. These treatments can comfort the pet and make the pet owner’s trip more memorable.

You are Never Alone

Pets can hike up the beautiful Chembra Peak, laze around absorbing the natural beauty of Kuruva Island, explore the Edakkal Caves, or sail across Pookode Lake with their master. The pet owner will have a constant companion and never be alone. 

Why Are Pet-Friendly Resorts Attracting New Customers?

Resort owners must increase their housekeeping budget to maintain hygiene and clean up an “unavoidable incident.” However, as people’s preference for pet-friendly resorts increases, many hotels have become pet-friendly. Here is how pet-friendly resorts are attracting new customers.

Specialised Services at a Price

Customers are willing to spend large sums of money on their pets, and they look for specialised services while travelling with pets and pay premium rates for them. Thus the resort that charges standard rates for a room can offer the same at premium rates to customers with pets and provide the necessary services.

Pet-Friendly Resorts Provide Easy Online Booking

Pet-friendly resorts provide a list of amenities to the customer and their pets on their website. Thus the customer chooses the services that will make them and their pets comfortable during their stay before they travel. The advantage– they can travel light!  

Pet-Friendly Resorts in Wayanad Get Repeat Customers

But if the customer and their pet are satisfied at a resort, it will become their favourite stay option. Thus pet-friendly resorts go out of their way to make their customer’s pets comfortable by providing the right food and essential services, knowing they are sure to return for more.

Pet Owner Spread the Word in the Pet Community

Pet owners treat their pets as family members. When pets are welcomed at the resort and treated with the utmost care, it touches the customers. They will surely spread the word about the pet-friendly resort that made them comfortable, and that will bring in more customers.


Vacations are about making memories via great experiences. Wayanad offers several activities with their pets and is the best choice for a holiday destination. And now, they are pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad that provide essential services and comfort to pets, making their owner’s holiday memorable.

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