Various factors, including stress, poor posture, and muscle tension, can cause head, neck, and shoulder problems.

Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, like the Raindrop resorts, provide Ayurvedic spa treatments offering natural and practical solutions to head, neck, and shoulder problems.

For Swasthya, The Mind and Body Must Be in Balance

Ayurveda believes the human body has a dosha prakrathi that comprises one of the three gunnas or doshas–vata, pitta, and kapha. The three doshas link to various physical and emotional characteristics. For swasthya, which means complete healthy, they must be a balance between the three doshas.  

One of the ways to correct the imbalance in doshas causing discomfort and sickness is through ayurvedic spa treatments. They address the issue by rebalancing the doshas and promoting relaxation and healing.

Why Are Spa Treatments at Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala Recommended?

Choosing an Ayurvedic spa treatment at a Kerala resort can provide you with an authentic, high-quality, and all-encompassing experience promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and keep your body in balance. 

Authenticity, expertise, quality, atmosphere, comprehensive care, massages, detoxification, herbal remedies, and yoga are all part of it. Furthermore, resorts are in scenic and peaceful areas, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment conducive to treatment.

Most Popular Ayurvedic Spa Treatments for Head, Neck, and Shoulder Care

Massage, herbal remedies, and other natural therapies are the common spa treatments in Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. The treatment cleanses the body, reduces stress, and boosts swastya or total well-being. Here is how some of Kerala’s most popular Ayurvedic spa treatments relieve head, neck and shoulder ailments:


Abhyanga massage is a warm herbal oil application therapy for the entire body, including the head, neck, and shoulders. It promotes overall health by increasing circulation, relieving tension, nourishing the skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and boosting the immune system. Massage strokes, reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness, nourish the skin, and promote lymphatic drainage. Herbal oils can strengthen the immune system, providing an extra defence layer to safeguard against illness.


Shirodhara involves streaming warm herbal oil continuously over the forehead for a prolonged period. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, nourishes the scalp and hair, and improves mental clarity while providing high-quality head, neck, and shoulder care. It also calms the mind and reduces inflammation. 


The masseur pours and massages warm herbal oil all over the body. Pizhichil treats the head, neck, and shoulder reducing pain and stiffness, increasing flexibility, nourishing the skin, relieving stress, and improving circulation. The warm oil massage soothes the aching body, reduces injury risk during the treatment and restores health, leaving behind smooth and soft skin.


Nasya administers herbal oil or other medicinal substances through the nostrils. It treats the head, neck, and shoulder areas holistically by clearing the sinuses, relieving headaches, soothing throat irritation, promoting mental clarity, and reducing inflammation. Nasya also relieves congestion and promotes healing and pain relief.


Udwarthanam is the application of herbal paste or powder to the body via an upward stroke massage. It relieves pain and stiffness, reduces inflammation, exfoliates the skin, promotes lymphatic drainage, and improves flexibility in the head, neck, and shoulder areas. It aids improvement of blood flow, inflammation reduction, healing promotion, and advancement of flexibility.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote relaxation, balance, and healing in the body and mind. It provides complete care for the head, neck, and shoulder areas by relieving pain and tension, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and mental clarity, improving circulation, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. An Ayurvedic spa customises them to address specific head, neck, and shoulder problems by reducing tension and stress, increasing flexibility and mobility, improving posture and alignment, enhancing circulation, and promoting mental clarity and focus.


Ayurvedic spa treatments are typically available at specialised spas or Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. Before undergoing any medicines, get the opinion of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to ensure that the treatments you choose are safe and appropriate for your specific needs. Also, examine the resort’s credentials, reviews, and certifications to ensure it is a legitimate and qualified Ayurvedic centre.

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