Kerala, God’s own country in India, is a favourite destination for domestic and international tourists. Approximately 7M tourists visited the state in 2021. Of these, about 60K were international travellers. So, what brings so many people to Kerala each year?

Is it the sun and sea, the lush green plantation or the spectacular hill stations? But these are available in other parts of the country and abroad too. Then what is it that makes Kerala more attractive? It is most definitely the ayurvedic resort in Kerala.

What is an Ayurvedic Resort?

Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala offer guests a package of at least 14 days or more as the in-house ayurvedic doctor prescribes. The doctor first tests the patient and then prescribes the term of treatment, medicines and type of treatment. These resorts serve their guest ayurvedic vegetarian meals during treatment. 

There are also ayurvedic spas in Kerala. They are like regular spas that provide massages and specific treatments that a guest can choose from the available list. It may only require an overnight stay, and they do not administer any medicines. 

Best Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala–What Treatments Should they Provide?

Kerala is home to medicinal plants, and you can find about 60 -65% of the herbs essential for ayurvedic concoctions in the forests. Thus it is an additional advantage when the ayurvedic resort is in the woods. They will use fresh herbs!

Here are some must-have treatments at the best ayurvedic resorts in Kerala:


Traditional masseuses use warm oil and massage the patient’s whole body right from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. It is effective in lymphatic drainage, stress reduction, healing from skin ailments and much more. The masseuses use one of the following oils after checking the skin types and doshas of the guest.

  • Almond, avocado or sesame oil works best for Vata or Dry Skin.
  • Ghee or sunflower oil suits those with Pitta dosha or sensitive skin.
  • Oily skin or Kapha dosha requires an oil massage with safflower, flaxseed or sweet almond oil. 


It effectively treats muscle cramps, rheumatic diseases, paralysis, arthritis, blood pressure, and neurological disorders. Pizhichil means squeezing, and the technique in this medicinal treatment is to squeeze out Kuzhambu, an oil medicated with herbs, on the affected area. Pizhichil combines Snehana (Oleation Therapy) and Swedana (Sudation Therapy). The therapist applies oil without missing a single ailing part.


Shirodhara is a Sanskrit word where Shiro means head and dhara means flow. It is a treatment that involves letting down a stream of water, buttermilk, oil, or milk on the guest’s forehead. Subsequently, the liquid is massaged into the guests’ scalp, head or body and is an effective lifeforce or dosha balancer. Shirodhara is a well-known treatment for insomnia, for it is a tremendous stress and anxiety reliever.


Potli, as the name suggests, is bundles of muslin-wrapped herbs that a masseuse presses down on the joints or related pressure points for a therapeutic effect. The physician first tests the guests and prescribes a set of herbs. They then make bundles of the herbs and dip them in warm oil for a wet massage and hot sand for a dry massage. The treatment is an effective remedy for back pain and neurological problems.

A Special Treatment to Relieve Back Problem – Back Care Therapy

The therapist uses mahanaryana taila, dhanwantaram tailam, karapastayi tailam, and kottamchukkadi tailam to massage the affected area of the patient’s back. If the guest has pain or lower back issues, they use a frame and pour the oil into it.

A Special Treatment to Relieve Head, Neck, and Shoulder with Head, Neck, and Shoulder care

The treatment for head, neck and shoulder works to heal stiffness and pain, and it comprises,

  • An oil massage or Snehana
  • A Sweat Therapy or Swedana
  • The therapist makes a frame with black gram or wheat dough and soaks the affected area with medicated oil. This procedure is called the Manya Basti.
  • Enema therapy to clean the bowel or Basti Karma
  • The massage therapist instils medicated oil through the nostril or Nasya karma.
  • Lepa, a body mask that covers the affected area

Wrapping up

We checked some of the best ayurvedic resorts in Kerala to find the best treatment. Raindrops resorts in Wayanad offer the best ayurvedic medicine, and it is a beautiful resort with surrounding woods.