Raindrops Resort offers a luxurious and indulgent experience that will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated—the seamless blending of luxury and eco-consciousness provides an enchanting experience to family and corporate teams.

This blog explores family-friendly activities to spice up your family or corporate outing in Wayanad’s unspoiled landscapes. The best part is that the 9 best fun activities are available at Raindrops Resorts.

Raindrops Resort: A Combination of Luxury and Eco-Friendliness

Raindrops Resort delivers a lavish experience. But is deep-rooted in its strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and Its eco-friendly practices set it apart as one of the leading luxury resorts in Wayanad. Here’s how they offer tranquillity loaded with opulence without harming nature:

  • Resource conservation
  • Waste reduction
  • And the use of sustainable energy.

When you choose Raindrops Resort, you not only indulge in luxury but also contribute to preserving Wayanad’s breathtaking natural beauty. 

Family-Friendly Haven – Raindrops Resort, Wayanad

Raindrops Resorts, the best eco-friendly resort in Wayanad, understands the significance of building family and team connections and promotes it by encouraging holidayers to spend quality time together. They do so by cultivating a warm and family-friendly atmosphere for families and corporate teams to bond and create lasting memories.

Top 9 Family-Friendly Activities

Raindrops Resorts offers diverse age-appropriate activities, from guided plantation tours to high tea amidst serene gardens. Guests can enjoy delightful breakfast choices and exciting in-house adventures like swimming, games, and BBQ evenings. Raindrops Resorts caters to all, with open dining areas, bonfire feasts, and an Ayurvedic spa, ensuring unforgettable memories in Wayanad. Check out the fun activities for family and corporate teams at Raindrops Resorts.

1.   Golden Moments: Sunset Stroll with Your Family Amidst Paddy Fields

Embrace the golden hues of nature as you take a leisurely sunset stroll with your family through the lush, swaying paddy fields. Feel the soft breeze and watch the vibrant colours of the fields come alive during this enchanting experience at Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad.

2.   Exploring Nature’s Bounty: Evening Plantation Tour with Our Expert Agriculturist

Immerse yourself in the rich scents of earth and foliage as you embark on an evening plantation tour guided by an expert agriculturist through the fragrant coffee and pepper plantations at Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad.

3.   Twilight Delights: High Tea Amidst Garden Bliss from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

That’s the time to savour the tranquil ambience of twilight as you indulge in high tea with family or team amidst the fragrant blossoms and gentle breezes.

4.   Morning Feast: Savour Kerala Delicacies or Multicuisine Delights at the Restaurant

Awaken your senses to the tantalising aromas of Kerala’s flavorful delicacies or the global culinary delights as you savour a morning feast at the restaurant, set against Wayanad’s natural beauty at Raindrops Resorts.

5.   Unwind and Thrive: An Evening of Leisure and Exciting In-House Adventures Await

Savour the tranquillity of the evening air as you unwind and prepare for a night of thrilling in-house adventures, where the laughter of your loved ones mingles with the excitement of the games at Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad.

6.   Feast Under the Stars: Your Dining Choices are many at Raindrops Resort

Indulge your senses in an unforgettable dining experience beneath the starlit canopy, where the delectable local and multicuisine aroma mingles with the gentle evening breeze, making your dining choices a delight.

7.   Chef’s Showtime: Witness Our Culinary Artistry in Action

Here is your chance to take in the captivating aroma of freshly prepared culinary delights as you watch skilled chefs in action, crafting a symphony of flavours at Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad.

8.   Bonfire BBQ Delights: Sizzle, Smoke, and Savory Every Moment

Gather around the bonfire for a delightful BBQ experience at Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad. That’s the time to take in the aroma as the food sizzles on the barbeque, making every moment at Raindrops Resorts worthwhile.

9.   Revitalise Your Body and Mind: Experience Ayurvedic Bliss at Raindrops Resorts

And finally, its rejuvenation through Ayurveda’s tranquil touch. The soothing scents of natural herbs and oils are just what you need to unwind after a long, memorable day.


Discover the epitome of family-friendly luxury amidst nature’s embrace at Raindrops Resort, where cherished memories await; plan your escape today and visit the Raindrops Resort website for booking and additional details. 

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