Amidst the chaos of changing diapers, feeding and vaccination schedules, a toddler’s parents yearn to escape from the mundane to tranquillity. The opportunity to rejuvenate, spend quality family time and make memories beckons.

Are you planning a holiday with an infant?

Put your dream into action with the right destination, well-equipped, and best kid-friendly luxurious resorts.

This blog contains invaluable tips to help you choose the right place and make the best family-friendly luxury resort in Wayanad.

How to Choose the Right Destination for a Holiday with a Toddler?

When you travel with an infant, don’r leave anything to chance. Plan carefully and list out your destination. Research each resort on the list and choose the most conducive one. We propose Wayanad!

Here is why:

  • Wayanad’s lush, picturesque landscape is a beautiful background for young parents with children to make memories that will last a lifetime.
  • The best resorts to stay with kids offer amenities that maximise comfort.
  • The temperatures and the serene environment lull the infant to sleep.

How To Choose The Best Resorts To Stay With Kids

Assuming you agree with our find and choose Wayand, let’s find the right resort!

The trick is to find out what is convenient, comfortable and suits your budget. And that involves careful planning and ensuring safety as you spend the best time with your family.

Check the Child Safety Measures

It is difficult to restrain toddlers. Thus, choosing a resort that employs the best child safety measures is a priority.

Check Out The Proximity Of A Medical Facility To The Resort

Infants are delicate and react fast to sudden changes in their surroundings. Exposure to strangers and travel can make them sick or tire them out. Find a luxurious resort in Wayanad with a well-equipped medical facility nearby.

Explore your Options

Luxurious hotels in Wayanad offer valuable services to treat infant guest and their parents. Explore them all. And list out your needs—zero in on the one that provides all the amenities on your requirement list. Here is the list of the things you will need:

  • Cribs,
  • High chairs,
  • Baby-proofing services
  • Food and dining options.

Reduce Travel Time

When you travel with infants, the cheapest resort is the best option rule doesn’t work. Travelling with toddlers can be difficult, and the economical alternatives may involve much travel. Check for the one closest to tourist sites to reduce travel time and expenses.

To-Do List for Traveling With an Infant To Wayanad

The aim is to craft memories with your toddler that will last a lifetime. And to transform the holiday into an enriching experience, prioritise meticulous preparations. Here is a list to guide you:

 Preparing for the Trip:

A Visit To The Paediatrician

See the paediatrician before booking the best resorts to stay with kids in Wayanad. Let them examine the child to ensure the infant can travel to a hill station. Re-check the vaccinations list and ensure they are not due when you are out of town. Ask the paediatrician for a list of medicines to carry with you.

Pack Essentials

Before setting out for the trip, note everything you need to keep you and your infant comfortable. Pack each one of them. Here is a tentative list of the things you and your baby need.

  1. Diapers,
  2. Baby wipes,
  3. Hand sanitisers,
  4.  Diaper-changing essentials
  5. Formula Or Breast Milk,
  6. Baby Food,
  7. Bottles,
  8. Pacifiers,
  9. Blankets,
  10. Extra Clothing,
  11. The Necessary Medications.


Wayanad’s serenity makes it the best holiday destination for families with infants and toddlers. But you need to plan to find the best resort in the area after scrutinising the child safety measures. Aim to bond by swimming or nature walks for a local culture experience.

Our research also yielded a customer review of the best resorts in Wayanad, the Raindrop Resorts. It says: every moment of our stay at Raindrops Resort with our infant is a cherished memory of shared experiences.