Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad, the gateway to the picturesque Vayal Nadu or land of paddy fields, offers a symphony of seasonal experiences. Whether you’re a family of explorers, honeymooners, or a wanderlust-driven solo traveller, Raindrops Resorts is the best resort in Wayanad for families, crafted by Mother Nature.

We’re here to guide you in choosing the ideal season to explore the famous tourist places in Wayanad, Kerala. Before you embark on this journey, tantalise your wanderlust with a glimpse of our enchanting honeymoon resorts in Wayanad. Let the adventure begin!

Winter at the Best Resort in Wayanad for Family

Wayanad boasts pleasant weather year-round, with winter temperatures ranging from 10 to 24 degrees Celsius. If misty mountain treks, chilly nights, and lush landscapes appeal to you, winter is the perfect time to explore the famous tourist places in Wayanad, Kerala.

Raindrops Resort enhances your winter experience with special activities and packages, ensuring an unforgettable Wayanad adventure amidst the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary’s 345 sq km of lush forests and wildlife, just 8.1 km from one of the best resorts in Wayanad for families. Discover rare herbal and medicinal plants in this Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, making your winter journey exceptional.

Summer: The Time to Visit Famous Tourist Places in Wayanad, Kerala

Summer in Wayanad offers a delightful escape from the scorching plains, making it an enchanting choice for family vacations or romantic getaways. The best resorts in Wayanad provide nature walks, a pristine pool, special activities, and comfortable amenities like outdoor bathtubs and private balconies overlooking the plantation, ensuring a memorable summer experience.

Don’t hesitate—immerse yourself in Wayanad’s summer magic and craft beautiful memories amidst its renowned attractions. Explore the best resorts in Wayanad for family vacations or honeymoon at Raindrops Resort, your gateway to Wayanad’s summer charm.

Wayanad in Monsoon: Nature’s Rejuvenation at Raindrops Resort

As monsoon clouds gather over Wayanad, nature’s intimacy unfolds, enchanting the region with lush greenery and gushing waterfalls. Raindrops Resort, among the best in Wayanad for families, honeymooners, and tourists, fully embraces this monsoon magic.

Raindrop Resort includes exclusive honeymoon packages, premium rooms and cottages, guided rainforest walks and fireside evenings. Come and experience the soothing rhythm of the rain in Wayanad at Raindrops Resort, or explore Wayanad’s beauty year-round with the monsoon as your muse.

Year-Round Attractions in Wayanad at Raindrops Resort!

Wayanad unveils its timeless treasures year-round, beckoning adventurers, romantics, and explorers. Edakkal Caves, Banasura Sagar Dam, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary remain eternal gems. Raindrops Resort, one of the best in Wayanad for families and honeymooners, offers easy access to these attractions from its strategic location. Explore Wayanad’s enduring beauty and let Raindrops Resort be your gateway to unforgettable adventures, including our enticing honeymoon packages in Wayanad.

Tailored Experiences for Families, Honeymooners, and Tourists at Raindrops Resort

Raindrops Resort caters to diverse travellers with tailored experiences. Families enjoy dedicated amenities and spacious suites for joyful vacations. Honeymooners relish unparalleled romance through candlelight dinners and secluded cottages amidst Wayanad’s natural beauty.

Tourists benefit from knowledgeable guides and local partnerships to easily explore Wayanad’s famous tourist places. Discover these experiences through guest testimonials, and let Raindrops Resort be your ideal choice among the best resorts in Wayanad for family, honeymooners, and tourists.

Booking Your Seasonal Getaway at Raindrops Resort

Booking your seasonal getaway at Raindrops Resort is a breeze. Visit our website at Raindrops Resorts, navigate to the “Booking” section, and customise your stay with preferred dates, room type, and special requests.

Explore our current promotions and special offers, including enchanting honeymoon packages in Wayanad, designed to elevate your stay and create cherished memories.

Browse guest testimonials to witness how Raindrops Resort has transformed ordinary getaways into extraordinary experiences. Your unforgettable Wayanad adventure starts with a click—book your stay today and let Raindrops Resort be the canvas for your journey.


Raindrops Resort offers timeless allure amidst Wayanad’s changing seasons, catering to families, honeymooners, and tourists. Our resort is your gateway to Wayanad’s beauty, whether you seek winter warmth, monsoon enchantment, or summer vibrancy.

Plan your trip to create lasting memories with Raindrops Resort, your haven for extraordinary experiences, including irresistible honeymoon packages in Wayanad. Your Wayanad adventure awaits!

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