Kerala is well known for its scenic backwaters, lush hills, serene beaches, and exotic wildlife. The unique geographical features of this state attract various visitors throughout the year. The experience of staying in a houseboat in Kerala cannot be forgotten. Not to mention the native dance forms of Kerala – Kathakali & Theyyam that are a treat to watch. One can truly experience nature in Kerala by taking a walk in the woods of Aralam and quench their spiritual thirst by visiting the richest religious shrine, the Padmanabha Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. But above all, there is more that belongs solely to Kerala, that is the Ayurvedic retreats. Kerala is home to numerous Ayurvedic resorts that offer authentic Ayurvedic spas and treatments that are hard to find anywhere else. 

Benefits of a Signature Ayurvedic Spa

We all are familiar with a traditional spa that helps us relax but an Ayurvedic spa has an added element to it. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic science that ensures a balance between the mind and body. An Ayurvedic spa, that is performed with warm essential oils, nourishes and detoxifies our body, thus harmonizing our physical and mental state. Unlike the traditional massages, an Ayurvedic massage shall help to deter aging and instills positive emotions in an individual. Ayurvedic massages are also known to relieve physical ailments such as backaches and migraine. 

In Ayurvedic massage, the focus is on the skin, and not on the muscle, thus there is alleviation from cracking heels, roughness, and dryness. Also, the techniques such as Panchakarma helps remove toxins from the body and create a balance between the three doshas, that are – Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Some of the rarely known benefits of Ayurvedic spa are relief from chronic back pain, lowering of blood pressure, improvement of lymphatic drainage, and weight loss. A good ayurvedic spa is instrumental in promoting circulation and strengthening your immune system. Being a natural system of medicine, Ayurveda promotes healing that abides the law of nature, hence you ought to have a general good feeling after an Ayurvedic spa. 

We are sure that till now you must be excited to plan a trip to one of the best Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala

Let us recommend to you one of the best resorts in Wayanad!

You can thank us later!

Raindrops: A Luxury Boutique Resort 

This is the best resort in Wayanad, which is located inside the woods surrounded by a lush expanse of paddy fields. One can experience the best of nature at this hideout which is well equipped with exotic luxury cottages and elegant premium cottages. One can opt for a variety of packages here such as exotic honeymoon packages, holiday packages, and family packages.

It is a well known resort that follows 500 year old Ayurvedic traditions in the most authentic manner. At this exquisite place, you shall find the combination of modern holistic luxury and original, ancient Ayurvedic practices. If you opt to visit this resort, you are in for a time of your life. With experienced technicians, and excellent facilities, the Ayurvedic spa experience in Raindrops is flawless. The Ayurvedic spa or Svasti spa shall help you in relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body, thus reviving your vitality. 

The various treatments that are offered at Raindrops:

i) Abhyanga: It is a massage that is performed either on the whole body or a particular body part such as the head, feet, or joints, with a medicated or herbal oil. It is meant to relieve the tension and relax the body. 

ii) Pizhichil: It is a marvelous therapy for joint complaints which is performed by pouring warm oil on the body with simultaneous massage.

iii) Shirodhara: This therapy relieves the symptoms related to heat, stress, and sleep.

iv) Potli: This therapy is done using small bags containing medicinal herbs to relieve back pain, reduce stiffness and stimulate the nervous system.

v) Back Care Therapy: This therapy will make you forget the stiffness, fatigue, and pain in your back.

vi) Head, Neck, and Shoulder care: The tension in the neck & shoulder muscles is relieved with this massage.   

You might feel that why do I need to go to an Ayurvedic spa, when there are regular spas available, they are just as good. But we totally disagree. You may have a spa experience anywhere but when you are in Kerala, an Ayurvedic spa experience is a must. It is not just about relaxing but also getting rid of various ailments. Kerala indeed offers a wholesome package and when you visit the Raindrops resort, the pleasant experience shall be multifold!