It’s 2023 already, and the time is ripe to assemble a travel calendar! The best luxury resorts in Wayanad provide you with all the facilities to rejuvenate, enjoy your holiday and make some great memories. And if you are a nature lover, the land of the paddy fields, Wayanad must be on your bucket list. 

Here are the 5 best things to do in Wayanad. 

Let’s begin by discussing why Wayanad is the best location for your family trip in 2023. 

Wayanad is The Best Place To Holiday In 2023.

Wayanad, in rural Kerala, is a part of a forest reserve. It is home to wildlife, and tourists mostflock there thanks to the dense and lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, clear-running rivers and spice plantations. The nature lovers’ paradise on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border is famous for pure honey and spices, specifically Wayanadan Pepper. It is a land of artistic tribal, and the artefacts they make are great keepsakes of your holiday in Wayanad.

  1. Sight Seeing

Wayanad in Kerala sits at an altitude of 2100 meters on the Western Ghats. The stunning hill station, at the tip of the Deccan Plateau, has some spectacular tourist spots. So, we have listed the 3 Best Tourist Destinations for you:

The Kuruva Island amidst River Kabani’s tributaries is home to several rare bird species and herbs. Although not too far from the luxury resorts in Wayanad, the peaceful destination is just what you need to escape the hectic city environment.

Visit the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary near the Karnataka border for an elephant ride, and you are sure to sight one of the following animals:

  • Spotted Deer, 
  • Elephant, 
  • Bison, 
  • Wild Bear, 
  • Cheetah, 
  • Tiger. 

The Lakkidi hill in Thamarassery is the highest peak in Wayanad and lures tourists with the visual treats that await them there.

2, Adventure Sports

Visit the Soochipara Waterfalls, which cascade from an altitude of 100 to 300 metres. It is a site to visit if you are interested in watersports like rafting and swimming. However, take advantage of the zipline adventure if you want a bird’s eye view of scenic Wayanad. It is the longest one in Kerala and stretches a three-hundred-metre-long ride from Pozhtana; anyone above three years can take it. Here are some more adventure activities to try when in Wayanad.

  • Kayaking
  • Boat Tours
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Bungee Jumping

3. Trekking, Camping and hiking

Walk through the jungle and streams for the natural feel of the wild in Wayanad. The weather in Wayanad is pleasant—suitable for trekking. You can also trek uphill to Chembra peak for the stunning views of the valley. Some luxury resorts in Wayanad, like the Raindrops resorts, provide trekking facilities within the campus.

4. Jungle Safari

Take a bus or hire a private jeep to reach Wayanad’s most famous Mathunga Wildlife sanctuary. As you drive through, you will surely see some animals relaxing on the side of the rough road. 

5. Nightlife in Wayanad

The nights in Wayanad are great for Camping. Wayanad offers several camping options. They are

  • Nature Camping
  • Hilltop Camping
  • Budget Camping,
  • Riverside Camping,
  • Jungle Camping,
  • Mountain View Camping,
  • Off-beat Camping.

For a rustic night out, you can stay in a tree house. Some luxury resorts in Wayanad offer their customers a tree-house stay at night. So, what makes staying in a tree house a great experience?

Tree houses generally do not have electricity, and you may have to make do with a lantern. But you can get the natural feel of the outdoors with the breeze and chirping crickets. If you are lucky, you may even find some colourful birds on the ledge of your bedroom window, waiting for you to wake up.

To Wrap up

When the daily grind at the office exhausts you and you want to take some time off with your family, head to Wayanad. You can relax at night at one of the luxury resorts in Wayanad and indulge in adventure sports during the day or watch the wild animals lazing around as you drive past during your jungle safari. The weather is always pleasant in Wayanad, and luxury resorts in Wayanad, like the Raindrop Resorts, are a nature lovers delight.