5 best things to do in wayanad kerala resorts 2023

It’s 2023 already, and the time is ripe to assemble a travel calendar! The best luxury resorts in Wayanad provide you with all the facilities to rejuvenate, enjoy your holiday and make some great memories. And if you are a nature lover, the land of the paddy fields, Wayanad must be on your bucket list. 

Here are the 5 best things to do in Wayanad. 

Let’s begin by discussing why Wayanad is the best location for your family trip in 2023. 

Wayanad is The Best Place To Holiday In 2023.

Wayanad, in rural Kerala, is a part of a forest reserve. It is home to wildlife, and tourists mostflock there thanks to the dense and lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, clear-running rivers and spice plantations. The nature lovers’ paradise on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border is famous for pure honey and spices, specifically Wayanadan Pepper. It is a land of artistic tribal, and the artefacts they make are great keepsakes of your holiday in Wayanad.

  1. Sight Seeing

Wayanad in Kerala sits at an altitude of 2100 meters on the Western Ghats. The stunning hill station, at the tip of the Deccan Plateau, has some spectacular tourist spots. So, we have listed the 3 Best Tourist Destinations for you:

The Kuruva Island amidst River Kabani’s tributaries is home to several rare bird species and herbs. Although not too far from the luxury resorts in Wayanad, the peaceful destination is just what you need to escape the hectic city environment.

Visit the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary near the Karnataka border for an elephant ride, and you are sure to sight one of the following animals:

  • Spotted Deer, 
  • Elephant, 
  • Bison, 
  • Wild Bear, 
  • Cheetah, 
  • Tiger. 

The Lakkidi hill in Thamarassery is the highest peak in Wayanad and lures tourists with the visual treats that await them there.

2, Adventure Sports

Visit the Soochipara Waterfalls, which cascade from an altitude of 100 to 300 metres. It is a site to visit if you are interested in watersports like rafting and swimming. However, take advantage of the zipline adventure if you want a bird’s eye view of scenic Wayanad. It is the longest one in Kerala and stretches a three-hundred-metre-long ride from Pozhtana; anyone above three years can take it. Here are some more adventure activities to try when in Wayanad.

  • Kayaking
  • Boat Tours
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Bungee Jumping

3. Trekking, Camping and hiking

Walk through the jungle and streams for the natural feel of the wild in Wayanad. The weather in Wayanad is pleasant—suitable for trekking. You can also trek uphill to Chembra peak for the stunning views of the valley. Some luxury resorts in Wayanad, like the Raindrops resorts, provide trekking facilities within the campus.

4. Jungle Safari

Take a bus or hire a private jeep to reach Wayanad’s most famous Mathunga Wildlife sanctuary. As you drive through, you will surely see some animals relaxing on the side of the rough road. 

5. Nightlife in Wayanad

The nights in Wayanad are great for Camping. Wayanad offers several camping options. They are

  • Nature Camping
  • Hilltop Camping
  • Budget Camping,
  • Riverside Camping,
  • Jungle Camping,
  • Mountain View Camping,
  • Off-beat Camping.

For a rustic night out, you can stay in a tree house. Some luxury resorts in Wayanad offer their customers a tree-house stay at night. So, what makes staying in a tree house a great experience?

Tree houses generally do not have electricity, and you may have to make do with a lantern. But you can get the natural feel of the outdoors with the breeze and chirping crickets. If you are lucky, you may even find some colourful birds on the ledge of your bedroom window, waiting for you to wake up.

To Wrap up

When the daily grind at the office exhausts you and you want to take some time off with your family, head to Wayanad. You can relax at night at one of the luxury resorts in Wayanad and indulge in adventure sports during the day or watch the wild animals lazing around as you drive past during your jungle safari. The weather is always pleasant in Wayanad, and luxury resorts in Wayanad, like the Raindrop Resorts, are a nature lovers delight. 

6 Adventure Sports In Kerala That Will Let You Challenge Your Fears In 2023

Standing on the edge, ready for the jump, can be scary but worth a try. The adrenaline rush causes a cathartic release putting your fears to rest and relieving stress. Scenic Kerala is an excellent destination for adventure sports. The state has impressive resorts that provide ample adventurous activities for you and your family within their premises. It has its share of pet-friendly resorts, so take your pet to accompany you on your trek!

Read all about the six adventure sports you must try in 2023 to help you challenge your fears and liberate.

Let’s Begin With The Longest Zipline In Kerala.

A nature lover’s delight, Wayanad is the best location in Kerala for a zipline adventure. So what is a zipline?

You will sit on a comfortable saddle-like harness while zipping through the dense Wayanad forest. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the plantation beneath. The affordable three-hundred-meter-long ride from Pozhtana in Wayanad is safe, and anyone above five years can make the trip. However, be dressed for the occasion, for loose-fitting shoes or valuables lost during the journey may never be found. The best resorts in Wayanad make the necessary arrangements for your zipline adventure.

Combat Aquaphobia With Parasailing In Kovalam

The cool crisp sea breeze, the salt on your lips as you globe over the Arabian sea, taking in the splendour of the blue Arabian sea beneath —that’s the adventure that awaits you at Kovalam. 

A boat from the shores of Kovalam beach will take you (strapped in a life jacket) to the deep sea when a winch boat (manufactured in Goa) awaits you.

The well-trained in the winch will fasten the harness with parasails specially manufactured in the UK, and up you go on the adventure to help you overcome aquaphobia. 

The Three Best Destination in Kerala for Paragliding 

Soaring like an eagle over God’s own country is downright appealing, and Kerala offers paragliding in three destinations—Vagamon, Munnar and Varkala. And it is safe because as you take in the aerial view of spectacular Kerala, an expert Paragliding pilot glides with you. Hill stations in Kerala have cascading waterfalls between pine trees, lush meadows and tea estates and the captivating view that awaits a paraglider at Munnar and Vagamon. But if you prefer gliding over calm seas, then Varkala is your paragliding destination.

Nelliyampathy, Gavi, Parabikulam, Or Thekkady For Jungle Safari

29.11% of Kerala comprises forests inhabited by elephants, tigers, leopards, hyenas, bison, bears, sambha deer, langurs and wild bores. With the permission of the forest authorities, Kerala tourism provides jungle patrol, wildlife tours, jeep safaris, elephant rides, tree houses, trekking, and camping, e.g., hiking and cave exploration.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak, Chembra Peak, Meesappulimala, Or. Dhoni Hills For Trekking 

Travelling with your pet is an idea that is gaining popularity in India, But can you take a pet with you to participate in adventure sports and activities? You sure can!

Kerala has some scenic trekking trails, and treks with your pet in tow will be fun and make great social media posts too. If you choose Chembra peak as your hiking, trekking or camping destination with your family and pet, there are some excellent pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad. 

Houseboat at Night

Suppose the thought of being stranded on the banks of a river or the backwaters in Kerala Alapurzha is an excellent destination for you. You will have the houseboat all to yourself, and you can spend the night under the dark sky, fishing with your pet and family. The eerie sound of the night, the blowing wind, the howl of the fox in the distance and the crickets chipping make it one adventurous night. Such a night is a must for those who want to get over their nyctophobia, the fear of darkness.

To Summarise,

Use this article’s information about adventure sports to try in 2023 in Kerala to set free from your every fear. Try watersports to combat aquaphobia, jungle safari at night, parasailing, and much more to get rid of aquaphobia.

 Indulge in the adventure of a lifetime at the best resorts in Wayanad. Take your pet along, for there are pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad.

Raindrops Resorts – Best Place For Corporate Team Outings / Team-Building Activities Outside The Office?

Encourage your team to communicate beyond reports and projects through team-building activities, like corporate team outings. Wayanad’s captivating waterfalls, spice plantations, and lush greenery are excellent for corporate team outings. The best resorts in Wayanad also offer affordable corporate team outing packages.  

So what team-building activities will you indulge in with your team? This post has pointers on creating the best memories from team-building activities outside the office.

Let’s Begin with an understanding of Team Outings.

A satisfied team member produces higher productivity, which is the foundation for a successful business. Hence employers organise team outings to foster greater team unity and solidarity. 

Corporate outings include activities integrated into a day-out program or an overnight stay for a few days. They are best planned for long weekends to enable adequate travel time and relaxation. 

Benefits of Corporate Team Outings

Employees are assets of a business, and retaining them is an organisation’s priority. Scroll down for the primary benefits of team outings:

  • Corporate team outings work as an ice-breaker between seniors and juniors and team members of different teams who would have no opportunity to interact with each other.
  • Team outings forge and strengthen bonds and understanding between the management, employers, and employees.

Wayanad is the Best Location for a Team Outing

Corporate outings help the team enjoy their job and the company of their colleagues and strike a work-life balance. Away from the hectic work environment, they can unwind, work on fitness and get back refreshed. But most of their memories will work to increase team productivity through better collaboration. Wayanad may be the right location for a corporate team outing.

Wayanad Offers An Abundance Of Adventure Activities 

A nature lover’s delight offers bamboo rafting and the thrill of camping atop Chembra Peak to the Bravehearts, several trekking routes to the fitness-conscious, and an ayurvedic massage to soothe away the pain and ailments.

Team-Building Activities at Wayanad

Wayanad’s thrilling group trek in and around pre-historic caves promotes team communication and bonding. 

Wayanad A Foodie’s Delight

In Wayanad, you soak up mother nature’s goodness and sample the best of Kerala cuisine. Although most restaurants have a diverse multi-cuisine menu, most people opt for nadan (traditional Kerala) food. That’s the power of the tantalising aroma of coconut oil-cooked food, and the best nadan food is available at Raindrops resort in Wayanad.

Best Team Outings are at Raindrops Resort, Wayanad

The Raindrops Resort is the best resort in Wayanad for you to unwind and recognise your team members’ hidden talents. Take a break from your demanding schedule and soak in the natural aura of the natural scenic beauty to feel rejuvenated. Here’s how you can make the best memories at Raindrops, the best resort in Wayanad for corporate outings. 

  • The raindrops corporate team outing package is affordable and has all the facilities to make team outings memorable.
  • Team outings are all about connecting teams from different departments. The dining area at Raindrops Resort is spacious and airy, and breakfast is on the house. That’s an excellent time for the team to connect and bond. 
  • The central location of Raindrops resort makes it easy to commute to the beautiful scenic locations in Wayanad. One such location just 43 km from the resort is the Chembra peak. Trekking up and down the peak will take a whole day, and the team can camp the night out atop the peak for the experience of a lifetime.
  • The pleasant weather at Wayanad is the best for trekking or cycling. The pathways in and around Raindrops Resorts provide excellent opportunities for such activities.
  • Raindrops Resorts serves the best food and has the best Kerala and multi-cuisine, and team members can choose what appeals to them.
  • The team can detox at the ayurvedic spa and engage in the outdoor and indoor activities available at the resort. Raindrop resort thus is an excellent holiday destination for those who do not want to commute, as you have all the facilities within the resort.

What’s more

Retaining employees is vital for an organisation, and satisfied team members don’t leave the organisation. Show your team that they matter by treating them to the ayurvedic spa and the best food at Raindrops resort, the best resort in Wayanad. Opt for the Raindrops resort corporate team outing package for the best amenities at an affordable price.

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala for a Memorable Trip

The period before the wedding may be stressful, for you need to prepare meticulously for your ‘D’ day to be memorable. But the numerous preparations and the day’s ceremonies may leave you exhausted. Why not unwind and start your life together without interruptions in Kerala, one of India’s most exotic, romantic destinations?

What is your dream location for your honeymoon? Is it misty hills, calming beaches, lush green expanse of paddy fields or coconut trees? You name it, and Kerala has got it. 

Continue reading to know the top 2 honeymoon destinations in Kerala that will make your first trip together memorable.

1. Munnar for the Stunning Views

If lush green tea plantations, misty mountains, breathtaking sunrise and sunsets, cosy candlelight dinner, and surreal cottages are your idea of romance, Munnar is the best honeymoon destination for you. Incidentally, Munnar is located on the Western Ghats and is on the list of top honeymoon destinations in India for 2022.

Main Attractions in Munnar

  • Eravikulam National Park
  • Mattupetty Dam
  • Tea Museum 

Best Time to Visit  Munnar

  • November to September 
  • March to June

Here’s What You Can Do in Munnar 

  • Attend the Kathakali and Kalaripayattu at Punarnava Cultural Centre in Punarjani Traditional Village to experience the culture of Kerala. 
  • Visit the Top station nestled between the mountains Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala for a panoramic view of the Western Ghats. The Neelakurinji flowers (Strobilanthus) that bloom once in 12 years is quite a treat if you are lucky to time your honeymoon accordingly.
  • A visit to the Lockhart Tea Factory, Munnar, can teach you much about tea processing.

How to get to Munnar

The nearest airport is Nedumbaserry Airport. The drive to Munnar from the airport will take you about three and a half hours.

2. Wayanad for the Adventurous

A honeymoon at Wayanad is what nature lovers can hope for. The natural scenery, waterfalls, ancient caves and a vast expanse of lush green plantations that’s what Waynad is all about.  Incredible stunning views await the couples who like to trek or cycle at Wayanad.

Major Attractions at Wayanad

  • Eddakal Caves
  • Soochipura Waterfalls
  • Banasura Sagar Dam

Best Time to Visit  Wayanad

The best time is October to May, and if you like the winter and cold temperatures, visit Wayanad from December to February, when the temperature can be as low as 10C

Here’s What You Can Do in Wayanad

  • A visit to Kurvua Island for your first private picnic together. Located amid River Kabini and surrounded by an evergreen forest Kurvua is a nurture lover’s delight. 
  • Visit the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, where you are sure to sight herds of elephants with their calves. You will also see the Spotted Deer, Bison, and Malabar Giant Squirrels. The lucky tourist also spots leopards and tigers. The best resorts in Wayanad,  like the Raindrop resort, organize jungle safaris for you.
  • On your honeymoon, you must trek up Chembra Peak for a stunning view of a heart-shaped lake.

The Best Resort In Wayanad

Ayurvedic spa with fresh herbs grown onsite, authentic mouth watering delicacies and balconies that overlook the lush green coffee and pepper plantation is what Raindrop resorts, the best honeymoon resort in Wayanad, offers you.

The exotic honeymoon package offers the newlyweds complimentary breakfast and dinner. The couple can choose to stay indoors and order in or have a candlelight dinner at the restaurant. The Resort offers several other complimentary services to newly-weds such as,

  • The warmth of a traditional Indian welcome
  • Honeymoon villa provided someone didn’t get there before you.
  • You visit the old Rama temple and receive the conventional Kerala blessing for newlyweds.
  • A back rub for 30 minutes for each of you at the ayurvedic spa
  • Jungle Safari, provided you are one of the first to book the safari and arrive in the right season.

How to get to Wayanad

The Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode is only 100 km from Wayanad. You can also catch a train to Kozhikode and then cab it down.


There are several honeymoon resorts in Wayanad, but you cannot take the one you will spend the rest of your life with to just anyone. Look for the best Resort in Wayanad, like Raindrops Resorts, that has an excellent honeymoon package at an affordable price. Enjoy the luxury of living in a top-class resort and explore to find every necessary facility within walking distance. You are sure to make memories during your stay at the Raindrops Resorts.

5 Wayanad Delicacies You Can’t Miss

Wayanad cultivates coffee, pepper, tea, banana, paddy, cardamom, ginger, and a variety of vegetables, including tapioca. The ripening crop is a feast for the eyes if you are fortunate to tour Wayanad during the harvest season. Although Wayand is away from the coastline, there is an abundance of fresh fish caught at Banasurasagar dam.

Visiting some of the best restaurants in Wayanad serving authentic Kerala cuisine is a must. The tantalising aroma of food cooked in coconut oil and fresh spices will make you want to try everything on the menu.

The best resorts in Wayanad have multi-cuisine restaurants, and that’s where you can try the five best dishes at Wayanad.

Puttu and Beef Curry

If it is breakfast in Wayanad, it has to be soft grainy puttu with a rich coconut gravy laden with spices. The main ingredients of the cylindrical breakfast treat are rice and coconut. Layers of rice batter and coconut are filled in a cylindrical mould and steamed. 

The right combination is the beef curry comprising pieces of Beef simmered on a slow flame until succulent in a curry. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, and flavourful spices like bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, and star anise are the main ingredients of the delicious curry. The people of Wayanad also eat beef curry with parotta, another must-eat combination when at Wayanad.

Another great combination with Puttu is the Beef fry or Beef Ularthiyathu. The bottommost layer of the cylinder or coconut shell has beef, and the top layers have alternate layers of rice and coconut. 

The people of Wayanad also serve Puttu with Kerala’s famous Kadala (chickpeas) curry. Black chickpeas simmered in gravy.  Keralites primarily use shallots, spices, and coconut milk to make the curry.

Puttu tastes equally good with a ripe banana and grated coconut and is ideal for people who like a light and not-so-spicy breakfast.

Appam and Stew

Appam with Stew (pronounced as Ishtu in Kerala) is another must-try breakfast at Wayanad. Stew is a variation of the European stew and comprises chicken or beef pieces and pieces of carrot, potato and green peas. The primary ingredient for the curry is coconut milk, and cardamom, green chillies, shallots and onions combine to make it flavorful and delicious. Some chefs also add raisins and cashew nuts to give the stew a rich taste.

Wayanad also serves vegetarians an equally delicious stew minus the meat.

The chef combines fermented rice flour, sugar, milk and coconut water to make appams. The sugar in the batter caramelises, giving the appam its crusty sides. The centres of the appam are soft and delicious too. 

Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen Pollichathu is a typical Syrian Christian delicacy. Karimeen (Pearl Spot fish) is a high-priced favourite in Kerala and is available in plenty in the backwaters. The fish is first marinated in spices and lime juice and wrapped in a banana leaf with sauteed chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, and other ingredients. They steam the fish. The fish absorbs the spices and the banana leaf’s unique flavour, and it is one dish to try before you leave Wayanad.

Fish Moilee

Fish Moilee is another popular Syrian Christian delicacy readily available in the best restaurants in Wayanad. It is cooked in a manchatti (clay pot in Malayalam). It is also a variation of beef stew served with appam. 

The marination for fish (generally seer fish) is oil, turmeric, red chilli powder, and lemon juice. The shallow-fried fish in coconut milk gravy has a subtle flavouring of spices (pepper, cinnamon and cloves).


You are probably surprised that you did not find payasam here as the best dessert to sample when in Wayanad. Payasam is popular and a must-have dessert in Kerala, and you can order pumpkin, rice or milk payasam. However, since we are stating the best from Wayanad, Nellikai gets the top slot in the best desert category in Wayanad.  ,

Nellikai is nothing but a gooseberry. However, in Wayanad, it is soaked in wild honey and served as a dessert, 

It is a typical tribal dessert. The sweet and tangy dessert can be the highlight of your trip to Wayanad.


Some of the best resorts in Wayanad, like the Raindrop Resorts, serve authentic Nadan (Kerala) Cuisine and several multi-cuisine dishes. However, the diners in the best restaurants in Wayanad prefer the local cuisine and are happy to try the Beef or chickpea curry with appam, puttu or paratha or even with red boiled rice.

The Benefits of Greenery: The Science Behind That Sparkly Green Garden Resort

Eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad impact the climate, maintain a pleasant temperature and is a feast for the eyes. Take a break with your family from your hectic life to unwind in the picturesque Wayanad. The greenery in and around the resorts in Wayanad enhances the overall appearance of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The unpolluted environment provides several health benefits. If you are a nature lover and planning a vacation, Raindrops resort is where you must go. It is wild and naturally beautiful and is one of the best resorts in Wayanad for the family. Continue reading about the benefits of holidaying in a sparkly green garden resort.

The Fragrance of the Coffee Blossoms

Coffee and pepper plantations surround some of the best resorts in Wayanad. The tourists eagerly wait to go there for the pre-monsoon showers. Most of them are nature lovers who love to see the hills come alive with the fragrance of the coffee blossoms.

During these pre-monsoon showers, the coffee plants are in full bloom. The otherwise green shrub is now covered with coffee blossom bunches in white and is a sight to behold. But what makes it extraordinary is the flowers are in bloom only for 24 hours.

The Health Benefits of Staying in an Eco-Friendly Resort In Wayanad

The best resort in Wayanad for the family rightly invites its guests to breathe, smile, and live again. While building the Raindrops resorts in Wayanad, the owners, who are nature lovers themself, selected properties with lush plantations. They also ensured not a single vine or tree was cut down to accommodate the buildings or pathways by constructing around them. 

Building materials, like paints, cleaning agents, furnishings etc., can pollute the environment. Raindrops resort is safe and the best resort in Wayanad for your family because they use eco-friendly products and materials to provide a clean environment to its guests. 

The strategic positioning of the large window attracts natural sunlight into the room, making it bright. It calms its inhabitants, enhancing their mood. Various herbs surround the resort, giving you a breath of fresh air. It will also help you sleep better, increase concentration and remain focused.

A Great Opportunity to Spend with Family Away from Technology

Daily life is packed with work and technology, and there’s rarely any time for family. The first thing we do when waking up and whenever possible is to look at our phones. When you visit an eco-friendly resort in Wayanad, give your gadgets some rest while your family gets more of your time. 

Several activities can keep you and your family busy, so you may not need to use your gadgets. Some of the best resorts in Wayanad for the family offer a variety of adventurous outdoor games for the day and relaxing indoor games for the evenings.

Cycle with your kids through the lush paddy fields as you take in the scenic beauty of the beautiful green carpet of the paddy fields that are just about to be harvested. And if you choose to vacation at Raindrops resorts, don’t skip the campfire at night.  You can spend quality time with your family gazing at the starry sky.

The Best Resorts in Wayanad have it all 

Most of us are fed up ploughing through thick traffic to get to work. Eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad have all you need within the campus. Thus you don’t have to take a bus or a taxi to your destination unless you choose to do so. 

You can swim in the pool in the morning, which is just walking distance from your accommodation and have an authentic Kerala breakfast by the poolside as your bathe in the morning sun.

 Moreover, you need not worry about how you will get rid of the excess weight you may have gained with the delicious food you ate at the restaurant. You can walk or cycle back to the room and lose a few kilos.

In a Nutshell

Get fresh air before returning to your hectic city life by opting for Raindrop resort’s ‘Weekend Getaway Package.’ Located near the historic Sultan bathery, you can explore Wayanad’s heritage at the ancient caves. Stay at the best resort in Wayanad and treat yourself and your family to an Ayurvedic massage at one of Kerala’s best spas. You may come loaded with fatigue, but you can be sure that you will leave Wayanad refreshed from Raindrop resorts, the best eco-friendly resort in Wayanad

Spend time with your kids – Ultimate holiday destination to plan

Everyone loves vacations. Vacation means having fun without any rules – sleeping into the afternoon, eating our favorite foods, exploring new places, treating yourself with a spa treatment, and doing much more. For adults, it also means relaxing in a calm, peaceful environment without any disturbance and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature that would soothe the soul. 

But kids may have different expectations of a vacation.

For them, it means indulging in adventures, trekking up the hilly trails, watching exotic birds and animals, and participating in more fun activities. They enjoy the vacation more when it is full of activities. 

You must be wondering how to choose a place that will meet the expectations of your entire family. 

You need not worry!

We have chosen the best travel destination for you where you can not only stay peacefully but also indulge in adventurous activities with your children. 

Yes, such a place exists in the Western Ghats hills of north eastern Kerala – Wayanad.

Easily approachable by bus, train, or air, you can choose the best way to reach this hilly destination as per your convenience. 

There is a ton of stuff that you can do in Wayanad and enjoy time with your family to the fullest:

Read on!


A trek to Chembra Peak will certainly be an enchanting experience for you. You can explore mother nature by trailing through the mystic hills to the highest peak of Wayanad at about 2100 m above sea level. 

If you want to make it more thrilling, you can also go for forest trekking in the forests of Kalladi. As you trek through the lush green surroundings, you get to explore the wonderful tea plantations, paddy fields, and the flora and fauna. 

You can also rejuvenate yourself by staying overnight at the tree houses in Wayanad, or you can also camp in between your treks. 


There are several captivating places in Wayanad that can be explored on a bicycle. Some of these places include Neelima view point, banasura sagar dam, Luv Kush temple, Edakkal caves, and about 5000 years old Thirunelli temple. 

Explore the flora and fauna 

You can explore the flora and fauna of Wayanad in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. With an extent of about 344 sq km, the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is home to animals like spotted deer, bison, tigers, cheetahs, wild bears, and elephants. The forest department may also arrange elephant rides for your family. The flora mainly consists of moist deciduous elements that include trees such as rosewood, axle wood, and pezhu, and shrubs such as Helicteres isora, Randia uliginosa.


If you are an adventure lover, ziplining in Wayanad is something you cannot afford to miss. The best part is that both adults and children can do it and it is completely safe. It is recommended to do it after sunset as you will be saved from the glare of the sun and get better photographs as well. As you embark on this 300m ziplining adventure, you will be passing over the thickest forests and tea plantations of Wayanad.

Bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting on the Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island will certainly leave you in awe. As you raft along for about 2 hours, you will get the chance to capture the beautiful rivers and streams, the stunning sights of the forest, birds, and butterflies. 


Pookode Lake is a freshwater lake located in the midst of the Western Ghats, surrounded by lush green forests. The calm and peaceful environment can be enjoyed on a pedal or a row boat while also looking at the local wildlife and birds. Spread over an area of about 13 acres, this lake has the shape of an Indian map. This place is indeed an ideal one for nature lovers. 

A vacation is not just about the place that you are visiting with your family; it is also about the time spent together. A break from the daily schedule helps you bond with your kids and explore each other. A vacation helps you to understand your kids’ inclinations, likes, and dislikes. 

All in all, a vacation is meant to have a positive impact on you and your family, wherein you create memories to be cherished forever. 

You will certainly cherish your stay in Wayanad if you opt for the Raindrops resort as your temporary abode. This luxury boutique resort is a heavenly place in the magical town of Wayanad. Raindrops is the best resort in Wayanad that has all the modern conveniences your family could want. There is a swimming pool, an Ayurvedic spa, and luxury and premium cottages with sunk-in bathtubs and private balconies. You can also enjoy outdoor and indoor games, plantation tours, campfires, and cycling with your family in this eco-friendly resort in Kerala.

And the best part? 

You can enjoy all of this with your furry friend as Raindrops is one of the best pet friendly resorts in Wayanad. 

Sounds like a dream holiday? 

Make your dream come true by booking your stay now! 

Packing Checklist For Resort Travel – Make Your Holiday Memorable

Wayanad is a scenic hill station located amongst the mountains of the Western Ghats on the eastern side of North Kerala. It is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Kerala owing to the tranquility of its mesmerizing hills, the beauty of its dense forests, wildlife sanctuaries, picturesque lakes, splendid waterfalls, and green estates. 

No matter when you are planning to visit this heavenly destination, you are in for a treat. Wayanad is amazing in all seasons – be it summers, winters, or rainy season. 

Summers in Wayanad

  • Summers usually extend from the months of March to May with temperature ranging between 25°C and 35°C.
  • Afternoons being the hottest, are ideal for visiting the tea, rubber, coffee plantations, the evergreen forests surrounding the hills or for just lying in the pool or the beaches.
  • Sightseeing can be done comfortably in the mornings and evenings when the breezy winds are flowing.

Winters in Wayanad

  • October to February are the winter months in Wayanad wherein you can explore the hills in the chilly yet comfortable climate.
  • Winters are ideal for enjoying the captivating beauty of Wayanad in the pleasant temperature that usually fluctuates between 22°C and 30°C.

Monsoons in Wayanad

  • One can witness the enchanting beauty of the lush greenery, the backwaters, lagoons, and canals at its best in the rainy season between the months of June and September.
  • With moderate temperature varying between 24°C and 32°C, the charm of scenic locations in this exotic destination is enhanced even more with the regular downpour.

There are some necessities you must pack for a trip to Wayanad in order to have a comfortable, hassle-free experience. Even though the weather would greatly affect these necessities, there are some must-haves that you can’t live without!

Let’s take a peek!

Essentials for the monsoons:

  • In the rainy season, some waterproof pants and windbreakers are a must. 
  • You might think that just an umbrella is enough, but when you are in Wayanad, you may need both raincoats and umbrellas in the monsoons. Each traveler shall require one personal raincoat for each person who is traveling, including the kids. If possible, carry a windproof umbrella, as it would be as windy as you can imagine! 
  • A waterproof phone bag would come in handy when you go for trekking or have to step out in the rain. In fact, let this bag be a little big so that your other gadgets, like power banks, chargers, and pen drives, can also be saved from the rain. Losing your phone to the rain is the last thing that you would want!
  • Bug Repellant: Mosquitoes and various insects are at their best in the rainy season. Not to mention the diseases they spread. While the resorts you stay in must be clean and devoid of them but when you go outside, you might want to keep bug repellent handy.
  • Good quality shoes with anti-slippery soles will help you enjoy your trek as those trails can be slippery. For the times when you are not trekking, rain boots are ideal. 

Essentials for the summer season:

  • Light cotton or linen clothes would be suitable for the hot weather.
  • Sunglasses and a hat to enjoy the beauty of Wayanad in style.
  • Flip flops or open shoes are suitable for sightseeing purposes as the weather is mostly hot and humid. You might need your running shoes for trekking.
  • A sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ will keep your skin safe from sunburn.
  • Also carry chapstick to keep your lips moisturized and a deodorant because you might sweat a lot in the hot weather. 

Essentials for the winter season:

  • It can get quite chilly in Wayanad, especially in the early morning and late evening, so it would be a wise decision to carry your jackets, sweaters, mufflers, scarves, etc. If you are extremely sensitive to cold, then pack your gloves as well. 

Here are certain extra packing tips:

  • Travel light as much as you can.
  • Do not carry the toiletries that you can buy after reaching your destination. Most resorts offer such things including shampoo, oil, moisturizer, etc. 
  • Avoid packing too many clothes and learn to mix and match your clothes. Remember, the less the luggage, less the hassle.
  • Things like towels and hair dryers are available at the resorts so do not carry them.

While we are sure that you must have chosen one of the best resorts in Wayanad for your family, we still would like to apprise you about our personal favorite – the Raindrops Resorts. It is a luxury boutique resort that offers all the latest facilities and amenities at your disposal. The luxury cottages offer a pleasant stay along with the nature bound trails that can be explored on foot. 

Raindrops Resorts is one of the best eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad where you can have a peaceful stay while also exploring your adventurous side by indulging in activities such as outdoor games, camping, cycling, and swimming. 

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We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay in Wayanad!!!

Interesting Facts about Wayanad that will surprise you

Wayanad is a well-known hill station located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala that attracts millions of tourists round the year. Wayanad is not just known for its scenic locations, waterfalls, spice plantations, flora, and fauna, it has much more to it. 

Do you know that Wayanad was once inhabited by Jains and that it has India’s only earth dam called Banasura Sagar Dam? 

The word “Wayanad” has been borrowed from two Malayali words – “Vayal” meaning paddy fields and “Nadu” which means country land. 

Read on to know some more interesting facts about intriguing places in Wayanad!

  • Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is located in the Western Ghats. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve was the first in India to be designated by UNESCO as part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

  • Only Luv Kush Temple:

The only Luv Kush temple is situated in Pulpally, Wayanad. It is believed that Sita Devi used to live in this temple popularly known as “Sita Luv Kush Temple”.

  • Tribals heritage village in Wayanad

Almost half of the tribal population of Kerala resides in the Wayanad, which is in the Western Ghats. These tribes live in the forest and are known to be living there for a long time. Each tribe possesses its own culture, art, and tradition. Some of the tribes that reside in the forest of Wayanad include Adiyar, Kanaladi, Kandu Vadiyar, Paniyar and Thachanadar.

  • Ooty of Kerala

Wayanad is also known as the “Ooty of Kerala” because of its majestic views and pleasant weather. It is also referred to as “the green paradise” as it is located amid the Western Ghats. 

  • Chembra Lake

For all the honeymooners and romance-stricken lovers, this is the place to be! This heart-shaped lake, also known as Hridaya Thadakam, is located at a blissful location at a height of about 1800m. It is not just the shape that is unique to this lake but the fact that it has never dried despite being located at one of the highest peaks of Wayanad, Chembra peak. To reach this lake, one has to trek up to the peak while enjoying the miraculous beauty of Wayanad. You can enjoy the enchanting beauty of this lake with romance in your heart and soul!

  • Papanasini

This is a scenic mountain stream that originates from the Brahmagiri Hills and holds a great religious significance for Hindus. Papanasini, literally meaning “extinguisher of sins” is visited by pilgrims with the hope to wash away all their sins committed in a lifetime. It is believed that Garuda, the divine carrier of Lord Vishnu while flying Amrita Kumba, dropped a few drops of Amrit in this mountain stream.

  • Phantom Rock

Located at a majestic height of 2600 ft above sea level at Ambalavayal, Phantom rock is a one of its kind archaeological wonder that would hardly be seen anywhere else in the world. Locally known as Cheengeri Mala, this naturally formed metamorphic rock resembles the human skull, hence the name Phantom rock.

  • Jain Temple Ruins, Panamaram

Not many people know that in the 12th century, the Jains migrated from Karnataka to Kerala but they vanished a couple of centuries ago. The remnants of the two temples built by them are still standing tall, and are known by the names Vishnu Gudi, and Janardhanagudi. These temples are an excellent specimen of stone sculpting, stone carvings that depict both Vaishnava and Jain beliefs.   

  • Pazhassi Raja Tomb

This tomb symbolizes the memorial of the ‘Lion of Kerala’ Veera Pazhassi Raja, who was a descendant of the Kottayam Royal family. This place holds great historical importance, yet is seldom explored by tourists. It is said that Veera Pazhassi Raja had begun the revolt against the British in the region and that he was shot by them & cremated at the point where the tomb has been built. 

  • The Gateway of Wayanad

Lakiddi, one of the highest destinations in Wayanad located at a height of about 2296 ft (700m) above sea level, is also known as the Gateway of Wayanad. With its lush greenery and dazzling views, you shall certainly be left in awe.

Wayanad is home to various scenic resorts that offer exemplary services. There are several Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, of which numerous are located in Wayanad. Raindrops, a luxury boutique resort is one of the best resorts in Wayanad. If you are looking for a pet-friendly resort in Wayanad, then your search has ended. Located in the wilderness of Wayanad, Raindrops features a restaurant, swimming pool, and eco-friendly cottages and provides facilities such as indoor & outdoor games, campfires, cycling, and plantation tours. 

Why Do Travelers Choose Boutique Hotels: 5 Reasons to Stay and What They Gain?

Most of us look to travel to exotic places to relax our minds and forget the busy schedules and worries of our lives for a few days. In order to make sure that we have the best of times, we plan our travel well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. One of the most important aspects of planning is in choosing a hotel to stay in. While there are a lot of options in every tourist place these days, most people opt for boutique hotels instead of the hotels of large chains. 

Boutique hotels are smaller as compared to large-scale hotels with stylish designs and unique architecture. They possess a distinct appeal and strive to impart a personal touch in their services that will ensure a cozy and comfortable stay.

Want to explore why boutique hotels are the first choice of tourists?

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for a luxury boutique hotel

For Innovation and an Awesome Location

Boutique hotels are mostly located in very picturesque locations where travelers get to experience the best of both worlds. Mostly located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they present you with an opportunity to focus on yourself and have a peaceful stay. 

Boutique hotels have extraordinary architecture and also have all the facilities of luxury resorts such as spas, outdoor & indoor games, pool, jacuzzi, and gym. 

These hotels focus on attention to detail with an intention to create memorable moments for their guests. With their trendy decor and the newest technologies, they are the go-to option rather than large chain hotels. 

For an extraordinary experience

An eco-friendly boutique resort will certainly offer you a unique experience and they will certainly go an extra mile to make your stay comfortable. A boutique hotel is smaller and as a result, has fewer guests to whom it can provide a more individualized experience than the large chain hotels with their plethora of customers. 

As the number of rooms is limited to smaller public places in luxury boutique hotels, dedicated staff members can focus on keeping the area clean and sanitized with detailed cleaning checklists. This ensures a customized experience for each customer wherein their special demands can also be fulfilled meticulously. 

Apart from the luxury experience, travelers are also concerned about their safety, which would never be a concern if they chose to stay in a boutique hotel. The boutique hotels focus on safety, security, and an exemplary experience for their guests. 

For the awesome decor

Apart from being small and quaint that offer all the privacy you need, boutique hotels also have a very enticing decor. The boutique hotels usually pay a lot of attention to the design even of the smallest corners. They usually follow a distinct theme that defines the whole space. The use of artistic furnishings and distinctive architecture imparts a stylish vibe to the area. The rooms are enriched with a unique character by taking care of the quirky details. Since they are not bound by any rules like the large chain hotels, they can opt for changing the decor whenever they want. 

Contribution to the local community

One of the characteristic features of boutique hotels is that they employ residents of their area in various roles and utilize locally produced products. This is done solely to promote the local community and has come as a learning experience after the pandemic, wherein the lives of various people were affected. 

With a community-oriented approach, these hotels also promote the local culture and traditions. By staying in such a facility, you would not only end up supporting the local community, but you would also get acquainted with the local customs and traditions. There is no getting around the fact that there is nothing better than learning the unique way of life of the local people as it educates you and instills you with positivity and enthusiasm.

Exploring the local ethnicity would surely be an enriching experience that you would cherish for a lifetime!

Pocket-Friendly Stay

What can be better than the fact that you get to have a lavish stay in a boutique hotel at a much cheaper price as compared to a large-scale hotel? 

With exceptional services that you can enjoy at a boutique hotel, you can utilize the saved money to enrich your stay by opting for unique delicacies and extreme luxuries in the hotel 

Now that you are aware of the perks of staying in a luxury boutique resort, we are sure that you will look for a luxury boutique property to stay in wherever you go. But for your next trip to Kerala, before you embark on your search to find the best boutique hotel, we have a suggestion for you.

Raindrops, a luxury boutique resort in Wayanad will not only give you all the best experiences that can be expected in a boutique hotel but even more. Located in the middle of the woods and paddy fields away from the ruckus of the city, there is no better place for your temporary home in Wayanad. This is nature’s hideout perfect for your soul-searching quest. Here, you can have a wonderful time with your family while enjoying the amenities like outdoor and indoor games, authentic ayurvedic spa, cycling, campfire, and plantation tours, while also enjoying the bliss of solitude in a nature-inspired cottage surrounded by lush greenery. 

Plan your visit to this best resort in Wayanad and explore nature at its best!!

This would surely be a unique experience to cherish for a lifetime!