Standing on the edge, ready for the jump, can be scary but worth a try. The adrenaline rush causes a cathartic release putting your fears to rest and relieving stress. Scenic Kerala is an excellent destination for adventure sports. The state has impressive resorts that provide ample adventurous activities for you and your family within their premises. It has its share of pet-friendly resorts, so take your pet to accompany you on your trek!

Read all about the six adventure sports you must try in 2023 to help you challenge your fears and liberate.

Let’s Begin With The Longest Zipline In Kerala.

A nature lover’s delight, Wayanad is the best location in Kerala for a zipline adventure. So what is a zipline?

You will sit on a comfortable saddle-like harness while zipping through the dense Wayanad forest. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the plantation beneath. The affordable three-hundred-meter-long ride from Pozhtana in Wayanad is safe, and anyone above five years can make the trip. However, be dressed for the occasion, for loose-fitting shoes or valuables lost during the journey may never be found. The best resorts in Wayanad make the necessary arrangements for your zipline adventure.

Combat Aquaphobia With Parasailing In Kovalam

The cool crisp sea breeze, the salt on your lips as you globe over the Arabian sea, taking in the splendour of the blue Arabian sea beneath —that’s the adventure that awaits you at Kovalam. 

A boat from the shores of Kovalam beach will take you (strapped in a life jacket) to the deep sea when a winch boat (manufactured in Goa) awaits you.

The well-trained in the winch will fasten the harness with parasails specially manufactured in the UK, and up you go on the adventure to help you overcome aquaphobia. 

The Three Best Destination in Kerala for Paragliding

Soaring like an eagle over God’s own country is downright appealing, and Kerala offers paragliding in three destinations—Vagamon, Munnar and Varkala. And it is safe because as you take in the aerial view of spectacular Kerala, an expert Paragliding pilot glides with you. Hill stations in Kerala have cascading waterfalls between pine trees, lush meadows and tea estates and the captivating view that awaits a paraglider at Munnar and Vagamon. But if you prefer gliding over calm seas, then Varkala is your paragliding destination.

Nelliyampathy, Gavi, Parabikulam, Or Thekkady For Jungle Safari

29.11% of Kerala comprises forests inhabited by elephants, tigers, leopards, hyenas, bison, bears, sambha deer, langurs and wild bores. With the permission of the forest authorities, Kerala tourism provides jungle patrol, wildlife tours, jeep safaris, elephant rides, tree houses, trekking, and camping, e.g., hiking and cave exploration.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak, Chembra Peak, Meesappulimala, Or. Dhoni Hills For Trekking

Travelling with your pet is an idea that is gaining popularity in India, But can you take a pet with you to participate in adventure sports and activities? You sure can!

Kerala has some scenic trekking trails, and treks with your pet in tow will be fun and make great social media posts too. If you choose Chembra peak as your hiking, trekking or camping destination with your family and pet, there are some excellent pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad.

Houseboat at Night

Suppose the thought of being stranded on the banks of a river or the backwaters in Kerala Alapurzha is an excellent destination for you. You will have the houseboat all to yourself, and you can spend the night under the dark sky, fishing with your pet and family. The eerie sound of the night, the blowing wind, the howl of the fox in the distance and the crickets chipping make it one adventurous night. Such a night is a must for those who want to get over their nyctophobia, the fear of darkness.

To Summarise,

Use this article’s information about adventure sports to try in 2023 in Kerala to set free from your every fear. Try water sports to combat aquaphobia, jungle safari at night, parasailing, and much more to get rid of aquaphobia.

Indulge in the adventure of a lifetime at the best resorts in Wayanad. Take your pet along, for there are pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad.