Packing is a very difficult task if you are planning your trip. Before packing your backpack you must make a list of the important things. This list will help you a lot for packing. Especially, if you are planning to go on a trekking trip, you have to start with Important things to carry while trekking.

Keep in your mind the items that are important for your adventure trip. The best way to pack your bag is to save space. You must have to keep in your mind that heavy stuff should be at the bottom and things you will need as soon as you reach should be at the top. Stuff that leaks should go in plastic bags. We will make a list for you that will help you while you are packing your bags.

Wayanad is one wonderful tourist attraction located in Kerala. Many people plan adventurous trips to the place every year. Trekking in the local hills and forested areas is one of the most popular adventure activities in Wayanad. There are many good adventure camps in Wayanad Kerala that offer a wonderful experience. Read the following post to know everything about a trekking trip to Wayanad and how to pack for the same.

Here is the list of some Important things to carry while trekking:

1. Navigation

For avoiding the wrong path you should have a hard copy of a route map. Digital maps are also good but with the digital maps, there is a problem, that you never know when the device battery runs low. You can carry a compass and it is easy to carry because of this very light in weight. So you can easily find your trekking route. You can also find guidance and help at the adventure camp Wayanad Kerala.

2.    Torch

A torchlight or flashlight is also very important because if you get late while coming back then torch and flashlight will help you to find the way. You can carry headlamps with you because they have a long battery life.

3.    Water

While trekking, your body will be dehydrated. If you don’t want that, then keep a water bottle with you and drink it frequently. While trekking your body needs a good amount of energy. So this is very important to keep a water bottle in your backpack.

4.    Sunglasses

If you are trekking in sunlight then you should carry a sunglass with you. This will protect your eyes from the Sun and its bright rays.

5.    Sunscreen

For protecting your skin from the sun you should carry a sunscreen with you. While choosing a sunscreen, opt for a formula that offers a sun protection factor SPF of at least 25 that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Anything in between SPF 25 to 50 is good.

6.    Healthy Snacks

You should carry some healthy snacks with you like a small box of dry fruits, protein bars, some chocolate, and nuts, etc. These snacks will be perfect for you and they take very less space. You can eat these snacks at any time during your trekking. And these items will maintain your energy level as well. They offer you clean energy.

7.    First Aid Kit

While trekking, your body needs movement through rocks then the chances of injury are very high. Your hands and your legs get cut or injured. So a first aid kit is very important in your bag. In your first aid kit, you should keep every essential first aid item. And; if you don’t know then go through to the first aid checklist for adventure activities in Wayanad.

8.    Hand Sanitizer

It is necessary to keep hand sanitizer in your bag. This is because your hands will keep coming in contact with unwanted spots while falling or climbing or looking for support; you should have a sanitizer for sure. When you are on a hike or a trek, hand sanitizers will help you to reduce the probability of getting sick. This will rescue you from germs.

9.    Fire Items

Carrying a matchbox with you is very important if you are camping at the destination at night. You can carry lighter also, and a waterproof matchbox is recommended for the adventurous trip.

10.    Insect Repellent

Carrying an insect repellent is very important as you never know when it will come handy. You can get infected while trekking and this is no fun at all. You can carry lotion and spray with you.

Here are some Important things to carry while trekking for you, I hope this list will help you while packing your backpack for trekking. Happy trekking!!!