Wayanad, a hill station in the North-East of Kerala State, is a backpacker’s delight. Wayanad offers a soothing and pleasant climate throughout the year. The foggy paths and the wildlife by the roadside as you travel through picturesque Wayanad are a backpacker’s delight. To top it all, tourists can access the best resorts in Wayanad and ayurvedic resorts in Kerala at prices that suit a backpacker.

So is Wayanad a must-visit destination? 

It sure is, and here are 10 must-do activities in Wayanad.

Wayanad–10 Activities that Guarantee a Great Vacation

There is much to do at the hill station. However, we enlist the 10 best activities to do in Wayanad.

Jungle Safari in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Herds of elephants roam freely in and around Wayanad Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can spot monkeys and deer and, if lucky, may even see a tiger. The lush evergreen forest is a canopy of bamboo thickets and rich plantations. The forest department schedules the best jungle jeep safari from December to May.

Rafting at Kuruva Island

Visit Wayanad from October to May and go to Kuruva Island for the thrill of riding on bamboo rafts across the tranquil waters of the Kabani river. Once you get there, trek through the spice gardens and orchards to explore the 950 acres of serenity. Tourists spot exotic birds during the trek.

Get Treated at the best Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala

Kerala has some of the best ayurvedic resorts in the world, most of which are in Wayanad. Check in to a resort with an ayurvedic spa and be treated to a superabundance of revitalising Ayurvedic treatment and mouth watering seafood.

Kayaking in Pookode Lake

Use a pedal boat or kayak to cross the Pookode lake for an affordable rate, for the sight around is breathtaking. The major attraction at Pookode lake is the children’s play area and the aquarium. Alternatively, you can trek around the lake.

Try the Wayanad Delicacies

Food is hard to resist in Wayanad and is best eaten on a banana leaf. The rich meat and fish curries cooked in coconut oil and served with Puttu and Appam are hard to resist. Start the day with Appam and stew, fish curry rice at lunch and dinner and the delicious oil-fried banana fritters for tea. You can finish every meal with dessert and choose between Nellikka or Payasam, a must-have in Wayanad.

Stay in the Best Resort in Wayanad

Speaking of food, one of the best places to try the delicacies in Wayanad is the Raindrops Resorts. They have a multi-cuisine restaurant, but most people opt for Kerala cuisine because it is the best. Nestled amid a plantation, the resort offers excellent amenities at affordable rates and is a nature lover’s delight.

Trek to Chembra Peak 

 Watch the clouds descend on Chembra Peak. It is at an elevation of 2100 metres above sea level. It could be treacherous to trek up the peak, but well worth it for the reward that waits up there – the Hridayasarassu pond shaped like a heart.

Camp at Cave Chundale

The adventurous must-try camping at Wayanad’s Chundale Cave. While gazing at the star-studded sky, get warm by the campfire. The cool temperatures inside the cave could highlight your Wayanad vacation.

Picnic at Soochipara Waterfalls

The best time to visit the Soochipara or Sentinel Rock falls is from September to May. The three-tiered waterfall is a short drive from Meppadi and is a delight for the eyes. Soochi in Malayalam is a needle, and para is a rock. When at Soochipara waterfalls, you cannot miss noticing the needle-shaped peaks. The spray from the waterfall as you climb the rocks makes the trip worthwhile.

When in Kerala, Visit to the Dam is a Must

Visit the biggest earthen dam in Asia, the Banasura Sagar dam in Wayanad. It is surrounded by peaks and is an excellent place for hiking. The other dam in Wayanad is the Karapuzha dam and has several other tourist attractions in its vicinity.

In a Nutshell

It doesn’t matter if you are in Wayanad with your family or friends or if you are just one lone backpacker. There can never be a dull moment at Wayanad, for you can stay in the best resorts in Wayanad, use the zipline for an aerial view of the vast greenery, and eat mouthwatering food. 

Wayanad is a blend of history, nature and adventure. Put it on your bucket list today.