Eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad impact the climate, maintain a pleasant temperature and is a feast for the eyes. Take a break with your family from your hectic life to unwind in the picturesque Wayanad. The greenery in and around the resorts in Wayanad enhances the overall appearance of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The unpolluted environment provides several health benefits. If you are a nature lover and planning a vacation, Raindrops resort is where you must go. It is wild and naturally beautiful and is one of the best resorts in Wayanad for the family. Continue reading about the benefits of holidaying in a sparkly green garden resort.

The Fragrance of the Coffee Blossoms

Coffee and pepper plantations surround some of the best resorts in Wayanad. The tourists eagerly wait to go there for the pre-monsoon showers. Most of them are nature lovers who love to see the hills come alive with the fragrance of the coffee blossoms.

During these pre-monsoon showers, the coffee plants are in full bloom. The otherwise green shrub is now covered with coffee blossom bunches in white and is a sight to behold. But what makes it extraordinary is the flowers are in bloom only for 24 hours.

The Health Benefits of Staying in an Eco-Friendly Resort In Wayanad

The best resort in Wayanad for the family rightly invites its guests to breathe, smile, and live again. While building the Raindrops resorts in Wayanad, the owners, who are nature lovers themself, selected properties with lush plantations. They also ensured not a single vine or tree was cut down to accommodate the buildings or pathways by constructing around them. 

Building materials, like paints, cleaning agents, furnishings etc., can pollute the environment. Raindrops resort is safe and the best resort in Wayanad for your family because they use eco-friendly products and materials to provide a clean environment to its guests. 

The strategic positioning of the large window attracts natural sunlight into the room, making it bright. It calms its inhabitants, enhancing their mood. Various herbs surround the resort, giving you a breath of fresh air. It will also help you sleep better, increase concentration and remain focused.

A Great Opportunity to Spend with Family Away from Technology

Daily life is packed with work and technology, and there’s rarely any time for family. The first thing we do when waking up and whenever possible is to look at our phones. When you visit an eco-friendly resort in Wayanad, give your gadgets some rest while your family gets more of your time. 

Several activities can keep you and your family busy, so you may not need to use your gadgets. Some of the best resorts in Wayanad for the family offer a variety of adventurous outdoor games for the day and relaxing indoor games for the evenings.

Cycle with your kids through the lush paddy fields as you take in the scenic beauty of the beautiful green carpet of the paddy fields that are just about to be harvested. And if you choose to vacation at Raindrops resorts, don’t skip the campfire at night.  You can spend quality time with your family gazing at the starry sky.

The Best Resorts in Wayanad have it all 

Most of us are fed up ploughing through thick traffic to get to work. Eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad have all you need within the campus. Thus you don’t have to take a bus or a taxi to your destination unless you choose to do so. 

You can swim in the pool in the morning, which is just walking distance from your accommodation and have an authentic Kerala breakfast by the poolside as your bathe in the morning sun.

 Moreover, you need not worry about how you will get rid of the excess weight you may have gained with the delicious food you ate at the restaurant. You can walk or cycle back to the room and lose a few kilos.

In a Nutshell

Get fresh air before returning to your hectic city life by opting for Raindrop resort’s ‘Weekend Getaway Package.’ Located near the historic Sultan bathery, you can explore Wayanad’s heritage at the ancient caves. Stay at the best resort in Wayanad and treat yourself and your family to an Ayurvedic massage at one of Kerala’s best spas. You may come loaded with fatigue, but you can be sure that you will leave Wayanad refreshed from Raindrop resorts, the best eco-friendly resort in Wayanad