The monsoon season is the best season to wander about, as there is finally some relief from the scorching heat of the summers. With weather that is neither too hot nor too cold and greenery all around, it just couldn’t get any better. The fresh fragrance of the soil is all across the place, which is so refreshing! 

The greenery is at its best during the monsoons in Wayanad, with plantations growing in the most unlikely places. The magic of rain, coupled with slightly cool winds blowing, makes it ideal to plan a vacation to Wayanad with family or friends. It is the best place for relaxing, unwinding, and soul-searching amidst the gorgeous landscapes and amazing backwaters, lagoons, and canals.

With the monsoon just around the corner, we thought that we should help you plan your next trip!

Read on! You are just going to love this! 

“Weather in Wayanad”

You will be mesmerized by the amazing weather in Wayanad, with an eternal smattering of rainfall between June and September. So, do not forget your umbrella as you embark on the marvelous journey to Wayanad. The beauty of the lush green mountains and waterfalls is certainly augmented during this magical season. The average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, which is classic for a vacation.

Here are some places that are ideal to visit during the rainy season:

  1. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: The flora and fauna can be explored here to the core. Most of the area is covered with moist and dry deciduous forests, with patches of bamboo trees and semi-evergreen forests in between. Elephants in groups can be seen commonly here along with other animals such as tigers, panthers, langurs, bonnet macaques, bison, monkeys, sambar, Malabar squirrels, and bears.
  2. An arduous trek of about 2 km will take you to the delightful treat of Meenmutty waterfalls, where you can witness the water falling from a height of 1000 m at three different levels. With water in abundance during the monsoons, this is a sight you do not want to miss.
  3. Kuruvadweep Island: This is an island that is surrounded by the freshwater of the Kabini river. Here you can take boat rides on specially crafted bamboo rafts. This uninhabited The island is home to diverse flora and fauna, including butterflies, and birds such as parrots, hornbills, etc. Nature lovers can go for a trek on the narrow trails of this island and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the island.    
  4. Banasura Sagar Dam: It is situated on the lake Banasura and is the largest earth dam in India. With a backdrop of the Banasura hills, it offers a scenic view to the tourists. The dam is a famous starting point for trekking up to the hills. It supports the Kakkayam Hydroelectric Power Project and also supplies water to the nearby areas, especially during summers. 
  5. Edakkal Caves: A blend of the greatest architecture and history can be witnessed at Edakkal Caves, which also hold religious importance. To reach the caves, one needs to trek for about 45 minutes through a terrain filled with picturesque coffee plantations. Scripts in various languages, engravings, carvings, and paintings can be found on the walls of this cave.  

Now that you know the places to visit in Wayanad, how about a resort in the woods situated amid the Western Ghats where you can enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, mountains, and wild animals? Sounds great, right?

Well, you can have such an ideal vacation at the Best resort in Wayanad: Raindrops—a luxury boutique resort. 

Raindrops, an eco-friendly resort in Wayanad, is ideal for a monsoon vacation where you can enjoy the monsoons from the cottages that are built around the trees. These spacious cottages are spacious and luxurious, with elegantly furnished, huge outdoor sunk-in bathtubs, and a private balcony overlooking the plantation wherein you can listen to the sound of the rain and calm your soul. Situated in the midst of the woods with a little stream just next to the resort, Raindrops allows you to relish the natural and cultural beauty of Wayanad.

Apart from having a relaxing weekend at this lovely getaway, you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling through the terrain, campfires, and more! A simple walk through the green expanse of paddy fields and through the farms nearby will be extremely fulfilling. And if you feel tired after all the activities, you can end the day with a rejuvenating and authentic Ayurvedic spa. Raindrops management would also be happy to arrange a jungle safari and a plantation tour for you, and if you are fortunate, you may also get a chance to do some fishing and crab hunting. 

Raindrops is one of the best pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad, which means that you do not have to leave your furry friend behind on your exotic trip!

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