Wayanad’s pleasant weather, elevated terrain, lush greenery, and cultural charm set the stage for you and your partner to spend lazy evenings watching the sun go down and the stars to appear in the sky! Make your first memories together enchanting in spectacular surroundings and spellbinding ambience in one of the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad, the Raindrops Resorts.

Experience The Magic of Sunset 

At Raindrops Resorts, nature is at its best, but the sunset is magical. The sun slowly descends and disappears behind the lush mountains, leaving behind a beautiful canvas of spectacular colours in the sky and casting a golden glow all around you.

The resorts provide prime spots for a panoramic view of the sunset. The rooms have a private balcony with a cosy seating arrangement that offers a vantage point  to watch the descent of the sun,

Sundown Bliss: A Tapestry of Romance at Sunset

While the sun is down, the stars shine bright in the moonless sky, and the time is right to make memories that linger forever in your heart. Here are some suggestions for sundown activities:

  1. Use the sunset as a backdrop as you dine a private meal outdoors dished up by the chefs at Raindrops Resorts. It is also a perfect setting for fantastic pictures.
  2. Spend a lazy evening under the star-studded moonlight sky, sipping drinks as you plan for the future.
  3. Walk hand in hand in the moonlight around the resort’s meticulously landscaped gardens, taking in the breathtaking sights.

Stargazing at Raindrops Resort

An essential requirement for stargazing is the use of minimal artificial lights. Nature lovers run Raindrops Resorts for the like-minded. They take extra care to preserve the environment by using minimum artificial lighting, providing a cosmic spectacle to their guests.

Moreover, Wayanad’s elevated landscape offers a clear night sky view. The resort uses the advantage of providing couples with open terraces or private balconies adjoining their room and comfortable seating arrangements to spend long hours in the naturally lit-up sky.

Equip Yourself to Stargaze at Wayanad’s Luxury Resort

Eager for a celestial rendezvous at Raindrops Resorts? Here’s how to realise the dream:

Don’t Forget To Pack Binoculars Or A Portable Telescope

You can see the stars with your naked eyes, but with binoculars or a portable telescope, you can see the finer details, enabling a much more enchanting view.

 When Is The Best Time To Gaze At The Stars?

The moonless nights are the best, for that’s when the stars shine bright. Choose late evening or the wee hours of the morning, when the sky is darkest, for enhanced visibility.

Choose your Spot

The resort offers several strategic spots for an obstructed view. However, guests can better the experience by choosing a spot that best suits them. Take the time to select the best spot for you.

Warm Clothes

Wayanad is a hill station, and the elevation can make the outdoors uncomfortable because of the temperature drop. Take your jacket or a shawl to keep yourself and your beloved warm.

What if Stargazing or Watching the Sunset at Wayanad is not your cup of Tea?

The resort offers an array of amenities and offerings that you can pick from:

Spa and Wellness Services

When the body aches after a long day spent sightseeing or trekking, the need is for relaxation and rejuvenation. Check out the spa and wellness centre at the resort. It offers a variety of ayurvedic massages and wellness programs.

Recreational Activities

End the day with a swim or yoga session to refresh you after a long, tiring day outdoors. The resort also offers several outdoor sports opportunities, an excellent opening to meet new people.

Fine Dine

The chefs at the resorts are skilled and offer a delicious spread of continental and local cuisine. If you are passionate about cooking, the chefs also let you watch them cook!


Evenings at Raindrops Resort weave a tale of romance and magic, offering a choice between captivating sunsets and celestial wonders during stargazing. Alternatively, indulge in both for memories that last a lifetime.

As the best luxury resort in Wayanad, it caters to every honeymooner’s desire with intimate walks, private dinners, and personalised experiences. The resort’s commitment to preserving Wayanad’s natural beauty ensures an authentic and alluring escape. Don’t just plan a honeymoon but experience the enchantment of magical evenings at the best luxury resort in Wayanad—Raindrops Resort awaits to turn your moments into a symphony of everlasting memories.