If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Wayanad is the focal point of all the beauty and natural splendor the state has to offer. With amazing and marvellous backdrop of the Western Ghats; sprawling and fragrant plantations of spices and coffee; rivulets, streams and waterfalls that pass across the Luxury resorts in Wayanad and offer a wonderful visual feast to the tourists – Wayanad is more than anything you have ever captured as a beautiful memory in your life and will stay as one of the highly prized ones for your whole life. While destination matters a lot in deciding the experience, the accommodation and cuisine play an extremely crucial role as well. The following post will be thus, about one of the best Luxury resorts in Wayanad that have every element and every facility a tourist wishes for and still lies in the affordable range.

The Raindrops Resorts are nestled in the woods and fragrant plantations of pepper and coffee and have vast spreads of green paddy fields that make it one of the most majestic Luxury resorts in Wayanad. The Raindrops Resorts are one of the few Resorts to stay in Wayanad with swimming pool that satisfies the standards of luxury.

The Raindrops Resorts are spanned over the area of 3 acres and have 13 exquisite cottages that are uniquely designed and planned with perfection and a unique mix of traditional Kerala Style Architecture and Modern facilities. With the amazing backdrop of the scintillating hills, vines and vegetation, the Raindrops Resorts will take you into a bygone era with its amazingly beautiful furnishings and settings that are down to earth, rustic and immaculately well planned. Wall light and wall lamps that reflect the local flora and fauna and are made of paddy stem respectively; cottages built around the trees; bamboo blinds; influx of the natural forest sounds such as chirping birds and crickets – you will be able to enjoy the nature in its most pure form without having to compromise on the quality of your stays, facilities and services.

Luxury Cottages in Wayanad Raindrops Resorts

Raindrops Cottages – What makes it one of the best Luxury resorts in Wayanad?

  • Every cottage comes with a unique design; tasteful furnishings; modern amenities; elegant décor and abundant natural beauty.
  • The accommodation standards in the Raindrops Resorts are one of their own kinds with amazing patios and small private balconies that open into the vast green escapades blessed with nature’s wonders.
  • Sleep in the soft and sturdy four poster beds and delve deep into a classic novel with a steaming cup of coffee brewed from the freshly ground coffee beans grown in the nearby plantations.
  • The quaint and cosy rooms will bring a sense of warmth to your minds and senses and the lush green scenery outside will rejuvenate your city-life tired beings.
  • What makes the Raindrops Resorts as one of the best Luxury resorts in Wayanad is the fact that luxury comes in perfect combination with the natural splendour and at highly affordable costs.

Wellness at the Raindrops Resorts:

  • Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there is one unique feature that makes the Raindrops Resorts different from all the other Luxury resorts in Wayanad – The traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Wellness Services.
  • The resorts have a dedicated, fully-Functional and well-equipped wellness centre for all its tourists that offers the Traditional Kerala Wellness services; called Svasti. Raindrops Resorts is one of the very few Luxury resorts in Wayanad that offer authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments and Services.
  • The Svasti is a luxury Ayurvedic and Spa Resort in Wayanad that offers the following services:
    • Abhyanga – Full Body Massage is done with special herbal oils and formulations to relieve the body joints, aches and muscles and lubricates all the layers of the skin.
    • Pizhichil – A warm and continuous stream of the medicated oils and herbal formulations are poured over a particular area of the body along with gentle hand movements to stimulate the body areas and reduce pain and stress. The Pizhichil is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for the Rheumatic diseases, Joint Pains, Muscular Pains and overall body rejuvenation.
    • Shirodhara – The warm oil is poured in a continuous stream on the centre of the forehead while the temperature and the speed of the stream are perfectly regulated. Shirodhara is perfect for relieving stress; head related problems and insomnia.
    • Potli – Small fabric bags or Potlis are filled with certain herbal powders and formulations to provide heat therapies and gentle body massages.
  • Raindrops Resorts is also one of the best Resorts in Wayanad with swimming pool.

Packages at the Raindrops Resorts:

To promote tourism, Raindrops Resorts has numerous packages with various attractive features and in affordable ranges.

The following packages are offered at the Raindrops Resorts for the tourists:

Exotic Honeymoon Packages

Exotic Honeymoon package comes with a rose petal bath; special cake or assorted chocolate platter; floral arrangement in the rooms and romantic candle-lit table setup.

Holiday Special Packages

Holiday Special Packages come with exquisite Wayanadian Tribal Cuisine; Spa and Dinner Offers; Special Wildlife and Natural Tours.

Wayanad Escapade Packages

Wayanad Escapade Packages comes with amazing nature walks among the fields, plantations and forests as well as the cycling tours on the beautiful winding roads of Wayanad.

Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages are specially designed for corporate travellers that are in groups and are looking forward to relaxing stays that are affordable and wonderful.

Other Perks at the Raindrops Resorts:

Apart from all the other above-mentioned attractions and features that make the Raindrops Resorts one of the most amazing Luxury resorts in Wayanad, there are even more perks that await you there.

There is an in-house restaurant that offers delicious food items prepared from the home-grown ingredients and vegetables; rich and tasty filter coffee prepared with freshly ground beans that are home-grown; natural and fresh juices and various other delicacies.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Raindrops Resorts, Wayanad

There is a Games Room, with lots of items like Table Tennis, Archery, Carrom board, Chess, Binoculars for bird-watching, and much more.
We also have a small library with a few collections of books and a small reading room.

Games Room in Raindrops Resorts Wayanad

Here is all the motivation that you need to pack your bags and land at the most amazing Luxury resorts in Wayanad and get that much-awaited relaxing trip of the year. Coming to Wayanad?? Come to Raindrops Resorts, We Welcome You.

Happy Vacations!!

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