The experience of travelling is not complete without food. When you sit and think about the trip you took last month, you don’t just remember the scenic views but also the taste of the food. And with time, the memories of the place may vanish, but the taste of that exotic dish will still be ingrained in your mind. This is because we use all five of our senses when we eat, not just our tongues. We savour the aroma, taste, and sound of delicious food, as well as the sight and feel of it as it sizzles in the pan.

Food is a multifaceted experience that we undoubtedly relish while travelling. Food is a reflection of a place’s culture and traditions. Kerala is one of the most culturally rich states in India, which is also known as the “Land of Spices”.

Kerala is renowned for both its vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. Given its proximity to the coast, Wayanad has a wide selection of seafood as well.

Let us have a look at the food items that you can cherish in Wayanad:

Vegetarian Dishes:

  • Sadhya: This is a traditional Kerala cuisine that consists of several dishes served on a banana leaf. The banana leaf is placed such that its tip is on the left side of the eater. Pickles, toran, kichadi, pachadi, olan, and yeast are served on the upper side of the leaf. On the lower half of the leaf, rice is served along with sambar and avial. Sambar is made from various vegetables, nuts, coriander, bay leaf, tamarind, and fenugreek, while avial is made with vegetables, coconut, and coconut oil. Bananas and kheer are also served as a part of Sadya. If you are a vegetarian, this will prove eternal bliss for you!
  • Kadala curry: It is a spicy curry made from black chickpeas, coconut, and various warming spices. Mostly served with appam and puttu, your vegetarian tastebuds will surely cherish the gamut of flavours in this dish.


  • Fish moilee: It is an exotic dish which is made by dipping fish in a creamy gravy made from fresh coconut milk, authentic spices, and curry leaves. The dominating fish flavour will leave you wanting more. It is mostly served with Gandhakasala rice, which is cultivated in Kerala.
  • Malabar Biryani: If you are a biryani person, you are going to love it. Made from a special kind of rice called kaima rice, enriched with juicy chicken and rich spices, this dish will certainly give you an experience of a lifetime. Known for its rich aroma and taste, it is also referred to as Thalassery biryani in Kerala.
  • Malabar Duck Roast: This is a tempting culinary delight that is made by cooking small pieces of marinated duck meat in a mixture of various spices, ginger and garlic, imparting a unique flavour to the dish. You cannot miss this lip-smacking dish if you are a meat lover!


  • Bamboo Rice Kheer: This is a dessert made from the rice collected from the bamboo trees in the forests of Wayanad. This dish is popular among the tribals of Wayanad and is made from a combination of bamboo rice, ghee, and milk.
  • Unniyappam: These are round shaped balls made from bananas, rice flour, and brown sugar. This sweet dessert is also known by the names of Kuzhiyappam, Karappam and Karolappam in Kerala.
  • Payasam: All of us are familiar with the traditional “kheer” of north India. Payasam is the modified version of it and tastes yum. Instead of rice, payasam is made from sago and sugar is replaced with “Mualyari” or jaggery for this authentic dessert. Coconut milk, yams, and pumpkin are also added to make it more delicious.

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