Feel the scorching summer sun? It’s not just discomfort—it’s a growing concern as temperatures soar across India. Recent reports of scorching days in West Bengal and Odisha are stark reminders.

Even Kerala, famed for its cool breezes, is heating up. Let’s navigate this heatwave together as we search for the perfect family retreat in Wayanad (a land with comparatively lower temperatures). Amidst rising temperatures, let’s find comfort, joy, and a refuge from the relentless sun.

Discover why selecting the best resort in Wayanad to enjoy with family is crucial. Learn how to ensure an environmentally friendly and satisfying travel experience while escaping the summer heat. Explore factors like water and energy usage, staff composition, recycling practices, and more to make an informed decision about your stay.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Resort for Summer 2024

As we navigate the scorching summer, let’s delve into the vital aspects of selecting the perfect resort, ensuring a cool and memorable family escape in Wayanad.

The Quest for the Best

The priority for having the most comfortable vacation with the family this summer is to choose the ideal resort.

Personalized Preferences

So what will you choose for your family this summer – indulgent luxury or cozy intimacy? Tailor your choice to match your family’s requirements.

Budget-Friendly Insights

Explore the options–as many as possible, from opulent to affordable, aligning with your financial comfort and desired amenities.

Location Harmony

 Opt for a resort nestled conveniently in Wayanad’s vibrant city or amidst its tranquil rural landscapes, in harmony with your getaway aspirations.

Weather-wise Decisions

Beat the heat with resorts offering cool comforts like air conditioning and inviting swimming pools, ensuring a refreshing escape from the sweltering heat.

Culinary Adventures

Treat to a dining experience to appease your taste buds. Choose from gourmet cuisine to buffet feasts, promising culinary delights for every palate. Choose lazy evenings under the moon with a barbeque dinner for the cool nights in Wayanad.

Activity Extravaganza

Select resorts with activities designed to match your family’s interests, ensuring a thrilling and adventurous experience for everyone.

Friendly Faces

Seek out resorts where warm smiles and helpful gestures from the staff. Resorts that promise a welcoming and hospitable stay are your best bet.

Reviews Revealed

They’ve been there and that’s why they write reviews. Dive into authentic guest reviews, offering invaluable insights into resort quality and guest experiences, guiding your decision-making process.

Hassle-free Reservations

Simplify your booking experience by selecting resorts with user-friendly reservation systems, ensuring a seamless start to your vacation.

Flexible Plans

Opt for resorts with flexible cancellation policies, providing peace of mind and accommodating unexpected changes in your travel plans.

Adventures for All Ages

Discover the diverse activities available, catering to families with varied interests. Outdoor excursions such as nature walks, wildlife safaris, and adventure sports provide ample opportunities for adventure and exploration amidst Wayanad’s breathtaking landscapes.

Seek out resorts that offer supervised kids’ clubs and a variety of engaging family-friendly activities, ensuring a memorable experience for guests of all ages. Join your family on a thrilling wildlife safari or participate in fun-filled activities at the kids’ club, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Culinary Delights and Dining Experiences

Experience culinary delights at some of the top resorts in Wayanad, where diverse dining options await. Indulge in sumptuous buffets and specialty restaurants serving authentic Nadan (Kerala) cuisine and multi-cuisine dishes. Enjoy outdoor dining experiences like barbecue nights or sunset picnics, adding to the vacation ambiance.

Sustainability Initiatives

Discover how sustainable resorts prioritize comfort for families of all ages and sizes. These resorts ensure a healthier, more enjoyable stay by minimizing environmental impact.

From energy-efficient amenities to locally sourced materials, every aspect is designed to enhance your experience while preserving Wayanad’s natural beauty.

Embrace sustainable travel and indulge in luxury without compromising on environmental responsibility. Journey to the ideal family escape, where comfort merges with sustainability, allowing you to create unforgettable memories amidst nature.


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