Things to do when you plan a Bangalore to Wayanad Trip

In the north-eastern region of the state of Kerala, lies the “Land of the Paddy Fields”, Wayanad. It is the cultural meaning of Wayanad. And it is true to its meaning as one can witness acres of the lush greenery of the paddy fields. Resting comfortably on the slopes of the Western Ghats, Wayanad hill station is one of the best places to plan a trip from Bangalore.

Wayanad is 282.7 kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. The journey is a comforting ride which is slow and usually an overnight one. One can easily hop onto the bus after a long tiring week on a Friday.

Bangalore to Wayanad weekend trip is the best gift one can gift to self. Away from the chaos and the regular rush of the city, this hill station is cosy, calm and quiet. Probably the perfect destination for relieving oneself of the stress that slowly cribs in the city-dwellers. Wayanad is a treat for nature and culture lovers. The little hill station has a lot to offer.

Exploring Wayanad amidst the Paddy Fields

This most sought after destination in the southern part of the country is a home away from home. The serenity of the place can tempt anyone to settle down amidst the lush greenery. It is like residing in the arms of Mother Nature and growing under her care and nurture.

Wayanad has the most mesmerising scenic beauty that one can imagine. The lush green paddy fields sitting atop the mountain peaks with waterfalls gorging and streams trickling down, it is like a piece of the heaven fell on the planet. Even though it may be a piece of heaven, but who can turn down such a trip?

From historical ruins to waterfalls there is a lot to see in this hill station. This place holds an archaeological significance too. The forest suggests that the land is home to its natives for three thousand years. The caves still have remains that go back to The Stone Age.

Tholpetty in the north, Kalpetta in the south, Muthanga in the east and, Mananthavady in the north-west the place is like over-indulging oneself over the weekend.

Covering Wayanad in a couple of days

There is a whole lot of landscape that one can cover in a couple of days. The Chembra Peak, the Banasura Sagar Dam, the Bamboo Factory, Edakkal Caves, Jain temple in Sultan Battery, Kuruva Islands, Pookode Lake, and the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Chembra Peak

The Banasura Sagar Dam is a great spot for trekking and indulging in other similar sports. The dam is perfect for boat rides. The calm river water chuckling amongst the forests that are encircling the whole surrounding is a treat for the inner soul. The silence of the surrounding sings a different tune which is pleasant to tap into and indulge over. The view one witness is like the perfect escape one secretly was longing for.

Chembra Peak is the most elevated top of the district. It is perfect for the nature-loving trekker. One must first get an authorization from the Forest Department to trek in the zone. With the authorization in hand, one can easily plan a one-day trekking or two-day trekking as per convenience. 2100 metres above the sea level, the Chembra peak is the perfect zone to climb up the rough terrains.

Bamboo Rafting in the Kuruva Islands. Yes. Kuruva Islands is the spot where the adventure enthusiast will find their thrill. This island is also perfect for nature lovers. It is a protected island amongst other islands in the Kabini river. The island is native to a wide variety of rich flora and fauna.

Bamboo Rafting in the Kuruva Islands

Bamboo bridges built throughout the island, this place is where one can spend some quality time with a beloved or some time for only oneself.

The perfect timing makes it even more beautiful

Everything has perfect timing. If the timing does not match then the most perfect of the actions seem improper and disheartening. Same goes for visiting a place. Starting from the month of October till May, Wayanad has the perfect climate for a weekend stay. During this time of the year, the weather is cool, comforting and pleasant. Such weather makes up the ultimate time to go wayanad trekking and camping, sightseeing with friends and family or boating in the lakes and rivers.

Make the Final Call

Be it indulging yourself in adventurous sports or strolling down nature or simply observing nature in solitude, the district of Wayanad has a lot more than it meets the eyes. One must visit the hill station at least once in their lifetime to experience the joy felt by the soul. So, banish all if’s and but’s and plan the pending 2 day trip from Bangalore to Wayanad. And, don’t forget to book your reservations in a resort for a luxuriously comfortable stay.

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