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Raindrops create one of the best travel experiences you will ever encounter in life. Conceived and organized in Wayanad, Raindrops is a collection of 13 cottages which are exclusively designed with respect to the traditional Kerala architecture along with modern facilities.

Started on December 25th, 2017, Raindrops has flourished as one of the best resorts in Kerala, in a very short timespan. The success of Raindrops Resorts lies in the happiness we serve to our customers. At raindrops, we deliver authentic experiences that are created inspiring from nature and cultural practices.

The holiday at Raindrops will give you these unforgettable memories of :

Farming and harvesting with our farmers

Learning about organic farming and the types of crops cultivated here will give you an idea about the unique natural heritage of Wayanad, which is one of the most diverse and ecologically rich.

Forest Safari

Delve into the beauty and wilderness of nature. Walk into the scenic surprises awaiting you inside the jungle.

Mountain Biking

Ride over the tough terrains and explore the secrets of mountains. Discover the adventurer in you.

Plantation Tour

Enjoy the plantation tour. You will know how the coffee beans become cup-ready after this tour!

Being one among the local folk/community

Communicating with the local people here and becoming one among them gives you an insight into the life and culture here.

Tasting authentic flavors

Our multi-cuisine restaurant serves you with a delicious menu with the local and authentic dishes.

Behold the true essence of nature. Memories you madewith nature are indeed hard to fade!

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Wild and naturally beautiful, Raindrops Resorts in Wayanad is nestled amidst Coffee and Pepper plantations.

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