A Walk Through The Lush Green Farms of Wayanad

As one of the youngest districts in Kerala, what makes Wayanad unique is its natural heritage, which is one of the most diverse and ecologically rich. The place is well known for its unique geographic position and for having the perfect soil composition for the cultivation of bountiful crops like coffee, pepper, paddy, coconut, etc. Staying at Raindrops Resort will give you a beautiful encounter with the experience of being a part of farming and harvesting.

The fresh aroma of the coffee when one enters the plantation invites them to have a walk around the farm. Get a little practice in picking the right seeds with the native laborers. Being one of the most cultivated crops in Wayanad, coffee plantations can be seen everywhere here. It covers one-third of the total cropped areas in the district. Most of the resorts in Wayanad hand you over an opportunity to have a walk through the coffee plantations and to learn more about the ecological diversity in Wayanad.

Coffee Plantation in Wayanad

Wayanad is also a home for black pepper, which is also known as the black gold – the mysterious dried berries which drew Europeans to India! It may seem that it is a lush green thick forest in the first look from a distance, since the pepper plantations are tightly packed for miles around the hills.

Pepper Plantation in Wayanad

There is no wonder in the fact that Wayanad was once the bowl of thousands of rice varieties. Cheruvayal Raman, who is from wayanad also known as the ‘guardian of native paddy’ has preserved over 50 indigenous varieties of paddy. Being perfect for the paddy cultivation here, the valleys of Wayanad still holds the possession of many rice varieties. Some people here, especially the tribal families who own the farmlands considers farming and harvesting as a festival and not as a business. Being a part of the farming and harvesting days here is truly worth an experience. 

One will be fascinated by the diverse farming options that can be carried out in this land because we can also find pepper, ginger, cardamom, and rubber plantations, along with the major products like papaya, areca nut, and other vegetables and fruit trees like jackfruit and mango. The landscape which is filled with mountains, valleys, forests and the soothing climate here together have created a perfect ecosystem for almost all kinds of farming. 

Places to visit in Wayanad in 3 days

Wayanad is at a distance of around 270kms from Bangalore. Plan your Wayanad trip from Bangalore in July/August, when the weather is at its best. Rains will have subsided by then, and Wayanad will be at its most beautiful. The rains pump new life into the place; it turns lush green, and the waterfalls and rivulets surge with water. Wayanad is a little paradise on earth, surrounded by misty mountains, and cool, fresh air that promises to infuse new life into everything.

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Top 5 spas in Wayanad

Wayanad beckons you. It promises to breathe new life, into your existence – an escape from the humdrum routine that your life has become. Wayanad lets you soak in the goodness of nature. Come explore Wayanad and experience new ways of energizing your senses and nourishing your soul.

Wayanad is tucked in the midst of the verdant Western Ghats. Its serene beauty will surely mesmerise you – swaying paddy fields, rolling mountains, backwaters and the freshest of air. It is the perfect destination to help you unwind, it will not disappoint.

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Team Outing Ideas & Activities in Wayanad

Resorts in wayanad for team outing

Team building is vital for every organisation. To get people to work harmoniously, it is important that members on a team get along with each other. A cordial working relationship, between team members, can boost overall performance and productivity.

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Luxury Resort in Wayanad with a Swimming Pool

If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Wayanad is the focal point of all the beauty and natural splendor the state has to offer. With amazing and marvellous backdrop of the Western Ghats; sprawling and fragrant plantations of spices and coffee; rivulets, streams and waterfalls that pass across the Luxury resorts in Wayanad and offer a wonderful visual feast to the tourists – Wayanad is more than anything you have ever captured as a beautiful memory in your life and will stay as one of the highly prized ones for your whole life. While destination matters a lot in deciding the experience, the accommodation and cuisine play an extremely crucial role as well. The following post will be thus, about one of the best Luxury resorts in Wayanad that have every element and every facility a tourist wishes for and still lies in the affordable range.

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Things to do when you plan a Bangalore to Wayanad Trip

Things to do when you plan a Bangalore to Wayanad Trip

In the north-eastern region of the state of Kerala, lies the “Land of the Paddy Fields”, Wayanad. It is the cultural meaning of Wayanad. And it is true to its meaning as one can witness acres of the lush greenery of the paddy fields. Resting comfortably on the slopes of the Western Ghats, Wayanad hill station is one of the best places to plan a trip from Bangalore.

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