A detailed Travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip

Mysore is also called Mysuru and has always been a prominent place. From the sandalwood works to natural and manmade wonders – the site is an excellent tourist destination. It used to be the seat of Wodeyar Rulers. This post outlines a detailed Travel guide for Mysore and Wayanad Trip; how to reach Wayanad from Mysore and tourist attractions in Wayanad.
So, readers, gear up for an exciting read and pack your bags after gaining lots of intel!

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How to reach Wayanad from Chennai – A Complete Travel Guide

Wayanad Road

Planning a trip to Wayanad from Chennai? Well, before we answer all the queries looming inside your minds, let us tell you some things. First, you have made an excellent choice. Second, you are in for fantastic surprises. Wayanad is a fantastic tourist destination that is loaded with natural beauty and charm. There are mystical green forests housing roaring beasts and chirping birds. There are sprawling green plantations that are fragrant and inviting. Wayanad is home to some of the most exquisite waterfalls of the region.

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Tourist places in Wayanad with pictures

Selecting a place for spending a vacation is a time-taking task. There are too many options and too less time to decide. India has a number of options when it comes to taking a trip. Be it the snow clad ranges of Jammu and Kashmir to the palaces of Rajasthan, India is beautiful. You will never be disappointed by any place you visit.

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Jungle safari through wildlife sanctuaries in Wayanad

Enjoyment has a different definition for everyone. Visiting family, road trips or just relaxing at home, people view enjoyment variedly. But in this era, everyone prefers going to a new place to soak in the new culture and breathe in fresh air. It is so because life has turned monotonous and people need breaks every once in a while.

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Trekking Essentials: Important things to carry while trekking

Packing is a very difficult task if you are planning your trip. Before packing your backpack you must make a list of the important things. This list will help you a lot for packing. Especially, if you are planning to go on a trekking trip, you have to start with Important things to carry while trekking.

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Places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days

If you are a nature lover, then Wayanad is a heavenly place to visit and explore. Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places located in the State of Kerala. The main attraction of this place is its beauty and weather. This is the best place for a small weekend getaway as well. It is popular among both the national and international tourists. You can go to this place with your family and your friends. This place is one of the best honeymoon places in India. A trip to Kerala is incomplete if you are not visiting this beautiful hill station. Given below is a list of the Best Places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days.

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3 Routes for a Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip

3 Routes for a Bangalore to Wayanad Road Trip

A Bangalore to Wayanad road trip to spend a long weekend seems like a great idea. But, is it doable? Well, yes, it most certainly is. Wayanad shares its border with Karnataka and is easily accessible via National and State Highways. In fact, there are three routes, that are quite popular with road-trippers, traveling from Bangalore to Wayanad. The roads are in good condition for most parts, especially the sections that are part of the National Highway.

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Places to visit in Wayanad in 3 days

Wayanad is at a distance of around 270kms from Bangalore. Plan your Wayanad trip from Bangalore in July/August, when the weather is at its best. Rains will have subsided by then, and Wayanad will be at its most beautiful. The rains pump new life into the place; it turns lush green, and the waterfalls and rivulets surge with water. Wayanad is a little paradise on earth, surrounded by misty mountains, and cool, fresh air that promises to infuse new life into everything.

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Top 5 spas in Wayanad

Wayanad beckons you. It promises to breathe new life, into your existence – an escape from the humdrum routine that your life has become. Wayanad lets you soak in the goodness of nature. Come explore Wayanad and experience new ways of energizing your senses and nourishing your soul.

Wayanad is tucked in the midst of the verdant Western Ghats. Its serene beauty will surely mesmerise you – swaying paddy fields, rolling mountains, backwaters and the freshest of air. It is the perfect destination to help you unwind, it will not disappoint.

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